'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 2: The Flatwoods Monster from 1952 makes an appearance again in the upcoming second episode

The Flatwood Monster from 1952 has not been seen since that fateful September morning over a century ago, but History's new show takes viewers on the joyride of meeting it again.

                            'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 2: The Flatwoods Monster from 1952 makes an appearance again in the upcoming second episode

Ever since its release, History's new show, 'Project Blue Book' has been met with both ample excitement and criticism based on the show's concept being that of fiction mingled with facts. And while the show does tend to deviate from historical facts every now and then, when it does go by the book with regards to the real-life investigation undertaken by the US Air Force back in the 50s, the portrayal is nothing short of impeccable. This brings us to to the upcoming second episode of the show's debut season, where we find the far-from-reality Flatwoods Monster making an appearing once again.

The show primarily follows the story of Dr J Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and his involvement with the project that slowly developed further after a sudden surge of 'aliens' and 'UFO' sightings around the Washington DC area. The second episode shows the acclaimed astrophysicist getting into a tiff with his on-screen counterpart for the project, Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey). This happens over the two of them investigating a case from West Virginia, where a woman had reported that she and her two sons had witnessed a supposed flying saucer near their farm, which then crashed, and out came from the fires what they believe was an alien.



This went on to be labeled as the 1952 Flatwoods Monster, as the area of the reported sighting was Flatwoods, West Virginia. The incident happened on September 12, 1952, and as per History's own report on the case - framed based on the now declassified files of the investigation - the Flatwoods Monster was viewed by a total of six children. All of them boys, ages between 10 to 17, the kids witnessed the crash and the emerging aliens along with their mother, and their dog.

Two of those boys, the May brothers, Ed,  13, and Freddie, 12, had been playing in their schoolyard along with their friend Tommy Hyer, who was 10 at the time. The three of them noticed a streak of what they said was a red light sparking across the sky on a farm quite close to the yard they were playing in. This caused the three children to go looking for the May brothers' mother, following which the entire group climbed up the hill overlooking the farm to check out where the mysterious red light had landed.



Along with the boys and the older woman, a couple of other kids showed up too, and along with one of them was a dog. What they spotted was enough to cause panic and fear in the whole group, making them sprint away as quickly as possible, pretty much terrified at the sight. As per reports by a local newspaper at the time, “Seven Braxton County residents on Saturday reported seeing a 10-foot Frankenstein-like monster in the hills above Flatwoods. A National Guard member, (17-year-old) Gene Lemon, was leading the group when he saw what appeared to be a pair of bright eyes in a tree.” 

Elom, who was the oldest of the lot, was filled with sheer terror, as the boy screamed at the sight and fell backward, "when he saw a 10-foot monster with a blood-red body and a green face that seemed to glow," revealed the report of the same publication. Through the dense mist caused by the supposed crash, the boy could make out a creature emerging from the site, which he claimed seemingly had claws for hands.  



Happening simultaneously, in real time, alongside the panic and fear of the Second World War's impact, and also amid the tensions of the brewing Cold War, it didn't take long for civilians to deduce that this was some apocalyptic alien invasion resulting from the horrors of the war. That's probably why it didn't take long enough for the incident to make it to the local news, soon after which the national radio picked it up too, before it made it to all the big newspapers of the country.  

Andrew Smith, who runs the Flatwoods Monster Museum and the Braxton County Convention Visitors Bureau had also shared his take on the accelerated interest in the reports, saying “Mrs. May and the National Guard kid ended up going to New York to talk to CBS,” as per the Herald Dispatch. As news of the claimed alien sighting began gaining momentum, it left the public scared and soon there would be over 12,000 such sightings reported within the span of just a couple of years. This sparked off the US Air Force investigation, with Dr. Hynek being the only civilian taken on board to figure out some scientific explanation behind the mysterious aliens and UFOs the people reported to be spotting out of nowhere. 

'Project Blue Book' returns with the story of the infamous Flatwoods Monster on Monday, January 15, only on History.

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