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'Project Blue Book' Season 2 Episode 9: Quinn offers Hynek lessons in something he has never done before

Quinn tries to convince a rather shocked Hynek to try something new by asking him when is he ever going to get a chance like this
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Aidan Gillen as Dr J Allen Hynek, and Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn (History)
Aidan Gillen as Dr J Allen Hynek, and Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn (History)

After bonding over age-old scotch, discussing the women in their lives, and how much they trust each other, captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) does a little role reversal to give Dr J Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) a taste of thrill and adventure in the upcoming Episode 9 of 'Project Blue Book' Season 2. And how does Quinn do it? By letting Hynek in on what he does best — flying.

In a newly released promo for the episode entitled 'Broken Arrow', Hynek can be seen seated next to his Blue Book partner Quinn, as he flies the plane atop lush mountainous terrain. As the clip begins, Quinn asks Hynek to take control of the yoke for a bit, give it a try, to which the astrophysicist — aka the only civilian onboard the US Air Force's aliens and UFO investigation project — vehemently refuses. But Quinn isn't one to give up on his friend so soon — something that he picked up from the curious skeptic-turned-almost-believer friend himself. 


Quinn tries to convince a rather shocked Hynek, asking him when is he ever going to get a chance like this. As Hynek keeps opposing, Quinn asks him to try and see what it feels like and actually does hand him the yoke, saying he's letting go. Immediately, the plane wobbles a bit mid-air and Hynek  — seeing no other way out and thoroughly protesting this as a 'bad idea' — eventually caves in. Luckily, he has an air force captain guiding him through it, asking him to just 'keep it steady' the same way Hynek has guided Quinn through some of the messiest situations over the course of their partnership, helping him swim out of the murkiest of waters when things got bad.

It's ironic how the one time Quinn directs Hynek through something, he chooses to leave the rails and take the backseat, but that's exactly what the activity calls for. Helping Hynek ease into the act, Quinn tells him to breathe and relax and our doctor is a quick learner as within seconds he is flying the craft steady like a pro. Well, in his case, he did learn from the best! But the wholesome essence of the scene has also turned fans emotional, and for the ones who know TV dramas too well, slightly worried as some tragedy or the other is known to follow emotional moments like these. 

The young captain Quinn has already been through the most, and now with the latest arrest of the one woman he had grown attached to, there's heartbreak written all over his stoic stance. Let's just hope the aircraft doesn't crash or something terrible doesn't happen to Quinn mostly. 

'Project Blue Book' Season 2 airs on Tuesdays at 10 PM only on History.