'Project Blue Book' episode 6: Susie's relationship with Mimi may put her job in trouble

Labeling Susie as an antagonist would probably be a step too harsh right now, yet her role in encouraging Mimi to breach Dr. Hynek's privacy can't entirely be overlooked

                            'Project Blue Book' episode 6: Susie's relationship with Mimi may put her job in trouble

This may contain spoilers for Project Blue Book season 1 episode 6: The Green Fireballs.

History's ongoing show Project Blue Book stays true to the titular real-life investigation by bringing in the mysterious alien and UFO sightings of the 50s in the US and the surrounding panic which was also triggered by the ongoing Cold War. And while a lot of facts have been sprinkled with fictional plots adding to the intrigue of the show, one of the best elements happens to be the character of Susie (Ksenia Solo) who is an undercover Russian spy, trying to weasel her way into the investigation undertaken by the US Air Force. For her motives, Susie uses Mimi Hynek (Laura Mennell) as a pawn, as she is the wife of Dr. J Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) - the show's protagonist and a real-life astrophysicist who was the only civilian onboard the investigation. But despite the smooth ride Susie has been on, recent developments on the show hinted at the possibility of her getting into trouble and also causing a breach in Dr. Hynek and Mimi's married life.

The show, which is six episodes old now, has shown Dr. Hynek and Mimi's marriage getting strained owing to the astrophysicist's obsession with the project. From a staunch skeptic, he went to being a curious believer and right now, is riddled with doubts about much darker developments going on within the investigation than the authorities are letting on. Susie took advantage of the situation in the initial episodes and became a friend and consort of sorts to Mimi who was trying to fill the lonely void created by her husband's lack of presence in their married life. But in the latest episode, titled 'The Green Fireballs' we saw Susie spurring Mimi into finding out actually what is going on with Hynek's involvement in the project and this leads to them to discovering something more than they had bargained for. 



Mimi's involvement in Dr. Hynek's participating in the investigation starts with her confronting her husband about why he is so frustrated with the way things are proceeding, and of course, he lashes out at her. But after he apologizes and goes out of town to gather evidence for the investigation, Susie convinces Mimi to dig into Dr. Hynek's records of whatever truth he has unfurled. True, the two come across Dr. Hynek's journal and as much closure as this provides Mimi, it should be a milestone achievement for Susie too, but not everything is looking right for her in the work scenario.

Through the progression of the show, we have seen Susie develop emotional ties with Mimi despite the latter being just a pawn in her spy duties. But this has impacted her progress and somehow, Susie has fallen off her game because of the latent feelings she seems to have developed for the pawn in the very same game. And this leads to her getting somewhat reprimanded by her partner on the case, and even after she tries to convince him that her relationship with Mimi is no more than a casual friendship, his suspicions aren't at rest. He ends up giving her a 48- hour notice to find substantial evidence on Dr. Hynek or the two would get relocated to another state.



Solo has done a remarkable job at portraying Susie as the comforting friend cum bold spy so far, something that makes her dilemma all the more heartbreaking to witness. And even though we aren't supposed to be on her side, it becomes a classic case of empathizing with the antagonist. But labeling Susie an antagonist would probably be a step too harsh right now, yet her role in encouraging Mimi to breach Dr. Hynek's privacy can't entirely be overlooked. It's quite possible that this will probably be the downfall of Susie, because knowing Dr. Hynek's curiosity, if he was to find out that Mimi did what she did upon her friend's advise, he would leave no stone unturned in finding out why would a friend ask her to do so in the first place. Poor Susie, she was just doing her job!

But more importantly, how are Mimi's recent actions going to project on her already strained relationship with her husband? Frustrated by the authorities' efforts in trying to cover up the truth behind the sightings, Dr. Hynek is clearly not in the right headspace as was clear from his sudden outburst in the last episode, so what next once he finds out he can't trust his own wife anymore either?  

'Project Blue Book' returns on Tuesday, February 19, at 10/9 c only on History.

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