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Deep Fake Love (Season 1)

Deep Fake Love (Season 1)

'The View' co-hosts slam Netflix reality dating show 'Deep Fake Love': 'It absolutely does go too far'

'The View' co-hosts, including guest Rachel Lindsay, discussed 'Deep Fake Love' and how it has outraged viewers due to its controversial premise
Jul 28, 2023

'Deep Fake Love': Which couples are still together? Netflix's use of AI to test modern relationships takes messy turn

Netflix's 'Deep Fake Love' adds a new level of intrigue to the reality dating roster on the streamer
Jul 13, 2023

Where was 'Deep Fake Love' filmed? Netflix's steamy dating show uses deepfakes to trick contestants

'Deep Fake Love' will feature five couples who will put their realtionship to test
Jul 6, 2023

How much money will 'Deep Fake Love' winner get? Netflix show to blur lines between what's real and fake

'Deep Fake Love' will stir up drama by using deepfakes to test people's relationship and the ones who trust each other till the end will win
Jul 6, 2023

Who stars in 'Deep Fake Love'? Netflix's Spanish reality TV series tests couples with 'deep fake' tech

Netflix's Spanish series 'Deep Fake Love' in its debut season features 5 couples in love but will AI-driven tech fool them?
Jul 6, 2023

How does Deepfake Intelligence duplicate contestants? Netflix's 'Deep Fake Love' all set to break hearts

Netflix's 'Deep Fake Love' will use AI to meddle in the relationships of five couples as they chase the show's 100,000 euros prize money
Jul 6, 2023

Who stars in 'Deep Fake Love'? Meet the cast of Netflix reality show that will test love through deepfake technology

With deepfake technology and a big prize, the couples will learn the hard way if their love can withstand the test of time
Jul 6, 2023

When will 'Deep Fake Love' Season 1 air? Release date, time, and how to watch spicy Netflix reality show

Five couples' love is tested by 'deepfake' technology in this Spanish reality TV show
Jun 30, 2023