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'Citadel' trailer delayed: Priyanka Chopra's sci-fi series’ preview release postponed due to Greece train crash

The international spy series 'Citadel's trailer was scheduled to debut on March 2
Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden in 'Citadel' (Instagram/primevideoin)
Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden in 'Citadel' (Instagram/primevideoin)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The premiere of the 'Citadel' trailer from Amazon Prime Video, which stars Priyanka Chopra, has been postponed. The international spy series produced by Anthony and Joe Russo was scheduled to debut on March 2. The producers chose to delay the release of the trailer in consideration of the tragic train crash in Greece, which resulted in at least 36 fatalities and several injuries. The passenger train was carrying 350 people when it collided with a freight train near the city of Larissa in northern Greece.

Although the specifics of the trailer's plot are unclear, it is assumed to take place at least partly on a train, as indicated by newly released first-look photos of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden, which show them in a luxury dining car. 


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Why was 'Citadel's trailer delayed? 

Given that a tragic train accident occurred in Greece on Tuesday night, 28 February, and resulted in at least 36 deaths, it makes sense that Amazon Prime Video would be cautious before releasing the 'Citadel' trailer. The streamer released a statement that read, “Out of respect for our international community and due to [the] devastating breaking news from Greece, we are respectfully holding on sharing the official trailer for ‘Citadel”, Variety reported. The streamer promised to announce the release date of a new trailer in the coming days.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas' 'Citadel' to premiere its trailer next week (Instagram/@priyankachopra)
Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares an update on 'Citadel' (Instagram/@priyankachopra)

'Citadel' is a large investment for Amazon Prime Video, and the streaming company wants to make it a significant international TV event. The streaming service is debuting a "mothership" show in addition to two regionally themed satellite episodes located in Italy and India.

The drama, which also stars Stanley Tucci, Lesley Manville, and several international celebrities like Varun Dhawan and Matilda De Angelis, is exclusively produced by the Russo Brothers' AGBO and showrunner David Weil. 

What is the plot of 'Citadel'?

Citadel collapsed a decade before. Agents of Manticore, a strong syndicate influencing the world from the shadows, destroyed the autonomous global espionage agency, which was in charge of maintaining the safety and security of everyone.

Special agents Mason Kane (Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Chopra Jonas), who narrowly averted execution with Citadel's fall, had their memories erased. Since then, they have gone unnoticed while creating new identities and new lives. Up until one night, when Bernard Orlick (Tucci), a former colleague at the Citadel, locates Mason and asks for his assistance in stopping Manticore from establishing a new global order.

The two agents set out on a quest that takes them around the globe in an effort to defeat Manticore when Mason locates Nadia, all the while navigating a relationship based on secrets, deception, and a perilous yet unwavering love. 'Citadel' premieres on April 28, 2023.