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Priyanka Chopra proves again that her relationship with Nick Jonas is #couplegoals, not a sham

Remember when a successful Bollywood actress was called a scam artist for marrying a rich, white, young entertainer? Priyanka Chopra wins at shutting her critics down again!

Right after Priyanka Chopra's and Nick Jonas' very elaborate wedding, a bunch of haters took the first opportunity to express what a brilliant 'scam artist' the highly established Bollywood actress is, all because she married a young, white boy. But while the accusation was extremely racist, sexist, and a perfect example of all that's problematic with giving a platform to free speech today, what it also did was raise the question about the authenticity of their relationship.

Not that Priyanka was answerable to any of these claims, but over the last couple of months, with words and gestures, she has been able to slap a tight tape shutting down these unsolicited opinions, asserting that there is nothing but pure love between the two. The latest of these multiple instances happened to be her speech at the 2019 Women in the World Summit, where she broke down the initial phases of their relationship and how everything evolved. 

Priyanka shared at the prestigious event on April 11: "When I started actually dating Nick, he surprised me so much he… I called him 'Old Man Jonas'. OMJ. He’s such an old soul. Extremely smart. And so good for me because he grounds me so much. I’m a wild child, I do what I want whenever I want and he always supports me."

Not all opposites attract, but the Bollywood star and the former Disney icon and musician definitely fell for each other, and would you look at how hard! "He said 'I know you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are without hard work, so go to the meeting and come back'," Priyanka said, reminiscing about one of their initial dates, where she had to rush out in the middle for a meeting. Sure, she's totally a 'scam artist', how accurate!

But if you happen to side with the cynical side, and don't believe all this mushy romance is for common folk like us, Priyanka had a good dosage of reality to share in her speech too, admitting that their relationship wasn't considered marriage material right from the start. "I didn’t think this would be what it turned out to be," Priyanka shared in her speech, alluding to the fact that she didn't think she would end up marrying the 25-year-old actor and singer. But she is also quick to acknowledge that "[...] that’s maybe my fault – I judged a book by its cover."


This brings back memories of the article from The Cut, where Priyanka was accused of scamming Nick Jonas into marrying her because the whole basis of that article was how the couple had started off as nothing more than a fling. The article said, "Priyanka: She is a modern-day scam artist, in my opinion. That's right: Nicholas Jonas married into a fraudulent relationship against his will this past Saturday, December the 1st..."

Perhaps the writer wasn't aware of the modern dating scenario where pretty much everything evolves from a simple fling, but that's alright. Over the last couple of months, we have had Priyanka and Nick post enough snaps and clips of each other — inviting both trolling and critique — yet never backing down from expressing how blissful their life together is. From pretty much gushing about each other to expressing their hearty sentiments about the families they have married into, Priyanka and Nick's Instagram are a wholesome documentation of a healthy relationship filled with mutual love and respect. 


When they are not appearing together at events, or in photos and videos on their social media, they are either busy talking about each other, or about how meaningful their bond is for them. What had started off as a casual appearance together at the 2017 MET Gala, turned into vacations and cruise ship trips with all the Jonas brothers, and if there's one takeaway from their relationship, it is how healthy everything about it is.