Princess Love files for divorce after Ray J 'partied with strippers' when she was heavily pregnant

Princess Love had vowed to divorce Ray J after she accused him of leaving her and their daughter Melody 'stranded' at a Vegas hotel in favor of 'partying with escorts'

                            Princess Love files for divorce after Ray J 'partied with strippers' when she was heavily pregnant
Ray J and Princess Love (Getty Images)

Last year in November, a heavily pregnant Princess Love vowed to divorce her husband Ray J after accusing him of leaving her and their daughter Melody "stranded" in Las Vegas without a safe way to get home.

Almost six months later, she's making good on that promise and has filed for divorce, according to a report by E!News. The past several months saw the couple's marital problems escalate and play out in public.

After the accusation of being left stranded in Vegas, the social media scandal escalated further when Princess claimed that Ray had left their Vegas hotel room to "party with escorts and strippers." Ray J continued to repeatedly deny the accusations made against him. 

Even though he insisted that these were rumors, he issued an apology to Princess on 'The Wendy Williams Show'. "I have to do better, and I have to understand my wife is pregnant. I have to think a little more wiser when I'm making decisions." he had said at the time. 

A few weeks after the scandal, Ray J was spotted at the airport without his wedding ring. but at the time he had claimed that he'd taken it off to apply lotion. 

He had also appeared on PEOPLETV’s Reality Check, in December and claimed that everything was "cool" between the two. 

"Well, first off, let me say, Princess, I love you, baby, and I’m sorry for all the things that happened. We cool now and we’ll work it out," he told PEOPLE at the time.

“I know you still mad at me, but as a couple, you go through things and it just got a little bit out of hand. Sometimes it gets out to the public and then everybody has their opinion on it, but we’re good though, as parents and as friends and as husband and wife. We just went through something.” he further added. 

Following the birth of their son, Epik Ray Norwood in the latter days of December, Ray J posted his new baby's picture on Instagram. In the caption, he had called Princess "a blessing". 

"To watch what you went thru to have our children is something words can’t express. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for everything! 2020 is already the best year of my life!" read the caption further. However, that didn't seem to salvage their marriage. 

Just days before news of Princess Love's divorce filing, Ray J told Page Six that Princess was keeping a close eye on him and wouldn't let him meet the kids if he broke quarantine rules.

"I'm lonely right now. I don't want to quarantine by myself. I keep telling Princess, but she says, ‘If I see one person over there with you, you got to start over,' " he explained. "So I really have to lock myself in, because I really miss my kids." Princess and Ray married in August 2016 after a year together. 

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