Princess Diana was considered a more 'suitable' match for Charles than her sister because she had been with fewer men

In an interview that was taken in 1980 when Diana was all of 19, she claims that she was considered a suitable match for Prince Charles because she hadn't been with many men

                            Princess Diana was considered a more 'suitable' match for Charles than her sister because she had been with fewer men

Princess Diana is still one of the most beloved members of the British royal family, and even though her marriage to Prince Charles was allegedly a loveless one, she was the regarded as the best choice to be the wife of the future king. In her very first interview, Diana told journalist and neighbor Danae Brook that she was considered a "suitable" match for him because she believed that she didn't have a "background". By background, she meant she did not have many boyfriends, especially when compared to her sister, who was also Charles's ex. 

The interview, done in 1980 when Diana was all of 19 and now published by the Daily Mail, described as long-legged and athletic, Diana's "Periwinkle blue" eyes were the most striking feature about her, claims Brook. The journalist says that Diana-mania was far from a reality at that point and that she was just an ordinary upper-class girl who had left her country estate for a taste of London. Ever her relationship with Charles was kept so carefully under wraps that no one had any clue about it, including Brook. 

Diana, who was "painfully shy and self-deprecating, with no self-confidence" was, however, being wooed by the prince (he used to leave leave flowers outside her door). When the news of their relationship went public, Brook was among those surprised to find out that the nursery school teacher who lived downstairs from her was in a relationship with the "casanova" prince. 

Princess Diana And Prince Charles watch an official event during their first royal Australian tour 1983 IN Newcastle, Australia. (Getty Images)


The journalist also recollects how the frenzy around Diana started gradually and went on to envelope the whole nation. "Every morning when she tried to jump into her red Mini, photographers would race her to the first set of traffic lights, hoping she would be stopped long enough for them to get a shot or, worse, that they would cause a little accident, which would give a more dramatic shot," writes Brook. 

Soon after, Brook convinced the future Princess that she could be the author of her narrative, and landed an interview with her, which is when she said, "You see my sister Sarah was going out with Charles last year and she talked about it to the Press but she talked too much and they murdered her. I'm OK because I haven't got a background."

Diana, who vowed to be a virgin till her wedding, further clarified that she did not have a reputation of jumping in and out of men's beds. "That's what everyone else seems to have. I mean I haven't had a chance to have that kind of background, I'm still only 19!" she said, adding that people were longing to dig something up about her. 

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