William, Harry’s ‘Cain and Abel relationship’ similar to Queen and Margaret’s, ‘have good row then make up’: Expert

Princess Diana's biographer Andrew Morton claimed the comparisons between the princes and the Queen and her sister Margaret's relationship are 'many and obvious,' as 'they were the salt and pepper of the royals in their day'

                            William, Harry’s ‘Cain and Abel relationship’ similar to Queen and Margaret’s, ‘have good row then make up’: Expert
(L-R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrive at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on April 9, 2017, in Vimy, France (Getty Images)

Princess Diana's biographer Andrew Morton weighed in on Prince William and Harry's relationship ahead of Prince Philip's funeral. In a chat with Steph McGovern on his Channel 4 afternoon show 'Steph's Packed Lunch' on April 13, the biographer likened the brothers to the Queen and her late sister Princess Margaret, adding that the comparisons are "many and obvious." 

Prince William and Harry will be coming face to face in public glare for the first time after the Oprah Winfrey interview. It is believed that the siblings' relationship has gone sour after recent events and people who will be tuning in to the funeral might be looking for "some sort of reconciliation" between the two.


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(L-R) Prince Harry and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge embark on a walkabout ahead of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 18, 2018 in Windsor, England (Getty Images)

"This isn't the first time there's been a Cain and Abel relationship inside the Royal Family. Elizabeth and Margaret were sort of the salt and pepper of the royals in their day. They were a unique double act and the comparisons with William and Harry are many and obvious," Morton said. "The Queen is a very similar character to William, cautious, even-handed, and calm, Margaret and Harry are a couple who kick over the traitors. Margaret used to say, 'disobedience is my job,'" he continued. 

Morton told McGovern that the Queen and her sister feuded with each other on a regular basis and their relationship was full of ups and downs. Morton said the brothers too could have a huge rift when they meet. He added, "You'd hope that William and Harry would have a damn good row, then make up as the Queen and Margaret did throughout their relationship." Speaking for the general public, Morton noted, those watching the funeral might want the brothers to resolve their problems and would also like to see Prince of Wales, Charles, and Harry interact. 

(L-R) Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrive at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference at Lancaster House on February 13, 2014 in London, England. (Getty Images)

However, he also stated that Prince Philip's funeral service and tributes to the Iron Duke might run the risk of being overshadowed by the reunion. "The one thing you hope is that it doesn't overshadow tributes to Prince Philip. If everybody's looking at what the lipreaders are saying about the interaction between Harry and William, it will undercut the tributes to Prince Philip," he said. 

Morton also reflected on Prince Philip's role in the monarchy. Even though the late Duke of Edinburgh was required to walk behind the Queen at all times as per the rules, Morton said he was very much the head of the firm and helped bring the monarchy into the 21st century. "He's the one who, against the wishes of Winston Churchill and his wife, the Queen, got the coronation televised," he observed. "He's the one behind the Royal Family film of 1969. He was the head of the family, the head of the firm. His rule was law," Morton added. 

English writer Andrew Morton launches a new book 'Ladies of Spain' at a press conference at Petit Palace hotel on March 15, 2013, in Madrid, Spain (Getty Images)

Morton has been serving as an advisor on series five of 'The Crown' which will go release in a couple of months. He previously admitted to being "baffled" by the Sussexes claims that Meghan Markle's mental health issues were ignored. He had added that the royal family has a history of seeking help from professionals for psychological issues. Morton had revealed that the Queen herself had received help with "breathing and relaxing" during her "annus horribilis" in 1992. 

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