Prince William thinks Harry, Meghan's 'Finding Freedom' book is 'calculated move' to paint him, Kate as villains

Prince William thinks Harry, Meghan's 'Finding Freedom' book is 'calculated move' to paint him, Kate as villains
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An insider has revealed to Us Weekly that Prince William is not happy with the content of an upcoming book, ‘Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Family’ written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. The book is scheduled to be released on August 11, but it has already made some explosive revelations leaving the royals outraged and uncomfortable.

In the book, the authors have detailed the circumstances that led Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to leave the royal palace and start a new life in the US. The Megxit happened in March, and after living in Canada for a short time, the Sussxes have settled in Los Angeles, California for months. They have rented Tyler Perry's $18 million Beverly Hills mansion, where they live with their son, Archie, who turned one in May.

While a spokesperson said that the book’s content was “based on the authors’ own experiences as members of the royal press corps” and it has nothing to do with Harry and Meghan, William thinks otherwise. “William thinks the book is their calculated move of controlling the narrative and that they took advantage of their entertainment contacts so they’d be painted in a favorable light,” the source told Us Weekly.

Reports also claimed that since Megxit announcement, the royal brothers were not on great terms, the book has only escalated the rift. An excerpt from the bombshell book has claimed that the Duke of Sussex was “pissed off” with his elder brother, who wanted to “make sure that Harry wasn’t blindsided by lust” before revealing to the world about his relationship with the former ‘Suits’ star. “Even before the book came out, the bad blood between William and Harry was apparent. But it’s taken a whole new turn,” another insider said.

And as new details emerge from the book almost every day, the 38-year-old William reportedly thinks he and Kate are portrayed as villains in his younger brother’s life. “William’s the voice of reason and can’t help thinking that Harry’s ongoing resentment toward him, Kate and the rest of the royal family is a sign he’s struggling to move forward with his life in L.A.,” the first source said.

Meanwhile, another source has told Us Weekly that Queen Elizabeth II wants William and Harry to “resolve their differences like grown adults”. The source said the monarch “is firmly of the opinion that this nonsense cannot and must not continue any longer. She wants the boys to sit and resolve their differences like grown adults.” While a second insider added that the Queen wants their grandsons to “chat in person not on the phone or via Zoom, which wouldn’t be as effective.”

Earlier, a former royal press secretary also said that to mend the relationship, the two brothers need to be on the same side of the ocean. Dickie Arbiter said: “Harry being in Los Angeles and William and Catherine being in the United Kingdom, [there’s] a great big ocean, a lot of land between, and it’s not going to be broached until such time they actually get together [and Harry comes] back to the UK. That’s the million-dollar question… So if they’re talking on the phone, well, that’s a step in the right direction, but it would be nice if they could actually meet up.”


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 Prince Willian thinks he and Kate are portrayed as villains in Harry and Meghan’s Finding Freedom