Queen wants William, Harry to resolve their differences like adults: 'This nonsense cannot continue any longer'

Queen wants William, Harry to resolve their differences like adults: 'This nonsense cannot continue any longer'
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Queen Elizabeth II wants her two grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to mend their relationship that apparently went sour after the Megxit announcement, several sources have revealed. Harry and Meghan Markle left everyone shocked when they announced in January that they will be stepping down from their senior royal duties later in the year. In March, Megxit happened and the pair is now currently living in Los Angeles with their one-year-old son, Archie, in Tyler Perry's $18 million Beverly Hills mansion.

A source told Us Weekly that the 94-year-old “is firmly of the opinion that this nonsense cannot and must not continue any longer. She wants the boys to sit and resolve their differences like grown adults.” A second insider revealed that the monarch was hoping that Princess Beatrice’s wedding, which was originally scheduled for May, would bring the brothers face-to-face and help them in patching things up. But that plan also failed, since due to coronavirus pandemic the wedding did not happen in May and Beatrice tied the knot with long-time beau Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in mid-July in a small ceremony.

The source said that the Queen is now hoping that Harry will leave the US and come to Balmoral before the end of the summer to fix his relationship with his 38-year-old brother. “She wants them to chat in person not on the phone or via Zoom, which wouldn’t be as effective,” the insider added.

This comes after a former royal press secretary said that the royal brothers’ rift won’t be fixed until both of them are in the same place. “I hope they settle their rift because there shouldn’t be bad blood amongst brothers, particularly those two brothers who went through such trauma together [with the] death of their mother. They’ve been through a lot, and they’ve carried each other, and they’ve supported each other. And to have a rift is not healthy in any family. So I hope they are getting back together again,” Dickie Arbiter said.

Arbiter, the author of ‘On Duty With the Queen’ continued: “Harry being in Los Angeles and William and Catherine being in the United Kingdom, [there’s] a great big ocean, a lot of land between, and it’s not going to be broached until such time they actually get together [and Harry comes] back to the UK. That’s the million-dollar question… So if they’re talking on the phone, well, that’s a step in the right direction, but it would be nice if they could actually meet up.”

An earlier report has claimed that William and Harry were speaking to each other, but they still need to work on their relationship. “There have been clearly some quite major rifts in that relationship, but things have got better and I know that William and Harry are in touch on the phone. They have done video calls together, they have done a lot of family birthdays and I think with Prince Charles not being well, that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and get back in touch,” royal expert Katie Nicholl said earlier.


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