‘That’s so sweet’: Prince William accepts Paddington Bear toy from young girl, decides to gift it to son George

‘That’s so sweet’: Prince William accepts Paddington Bear toy from young girl, decides to gift it to son George
Prince William handed over Paddington Bear as a tribute to the late Queen by a young royal fan at Windsor Castle (Screenshot/SkyNews video)

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM: Royal fans were all delighted to witness the 'fab-four', comprising first in line to the throne, Prince William, his wife Princess Catherine, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They came together to meet crowds grieving the death of the Queen at Windsor Castle. There’s been growing distance between the two brothers for years now, who were last seen together in 2020.

However, for many, highlight of their 40-minute walkabout while taking a look at tributes laid outside the gates of the royal estate was a young royal fan "gifting" a Paddington Bear toy to Prince William. While sitting on her father’s shoulders, she managed to pay her respect to the late Queen, by handing over the bear from Peru, associated widely with the Queen after she did a playful sketch on her Platinum Jubilee in June.


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In this touching moment, the Prince William was heard saying, “That is so sweet. Thank you very much,” as the little girl passed the toy. He then pointed toward the other tribute and asked whether he should put it there, or keep the gift with himself. Prince William was heard saying, “Is that going over there or do you want me to keep it?” The father of the girl then replied, “Either, maybe give it to your children.” Prince William didn’t take time to accept the suggestion, and said, “I might give it to George, thank you very much.”
The Queen's coffin left Balmoral on a six-hour journey to reach Edinburgh. It will rest overnight at the Palace of Holyroodhouse before resting in state at St Giles’ Cathedral. Finally, it will reach St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, to rest alongside the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, father George VI, the Queen Mother, and her sister, Princess Margaret.

Royal fans were excited to witness the royalty together, after the King Charles III request. And many experts suggest that this can be a turning point in the relationship between Prince William and Harry. The couple Harry and Meghan Markle have given interviews on royal family that many call "damaging."

“It's lovely to see them both together. Maybe they can get back to a proper relationship,” an elated royal fan said. Sharing their experience on witnessing them together, another one added, “A lovely ripple went through the crowd as they approached. Hopefully the healing between Harry and his brother can start now. I'm just so excited to have seen them both together. It's lovely.”

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