Prince Andrew kept in constant touch with Ghislaine Maxwell by 'phone and email' even during Epstein crisis, claims report

Andrew was stripped off his royal duties following a disastrous interview with BBC Newsnight.

                            Prince Andrew kept in constant touch with Ghislaine Maxwell by 'phone and email' even during Epstein crisis, claims report
Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell (Source : Getty Images)

Prince Andrew is still in touch with Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged second-in-command of the sex-trafficking operation headed by the now-dead convicted multi-millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, it has been claimed.

It was previously reported that the Duke of York, 59, had invited Maxwell, 57, to Buckingham Palace as recently as June, which was just one month before Epstein was arrested on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.

However, a source cited by The Sun revealed that was not the last time the pair talked to each other and said they have remained constantly in touch in the months since to reassure each other that they would remain steadfast in their resolve to not talk to authorities.

"They have remained constantly in touch by phone and email," the source said. "The Duke has an unswerving loyalty to Ghislaine and she is also very loyal to him. Ghislaine will do anything to protect the Duke and the feeling is mutual.

The source also suggested that neither believes that they are guilty of any crimes and that the allegations against Epstein and his subsequent suspicious death should not have any bearing on their friendship

"They both share the same view they have done nothing wrong," the source explained. "Andrew has always been very stubborn and as far as he is concerned both he and Ghislaine have done nothing wrong and so why should anything get in the way of a friendship that has lasted more than 20 years."

"They talk regularly. If he wasn’t in the spotlight at the moment he would have found a way to meet up with her," the source added.

Andrew did bring up Maxwell during his ultimately catastrophic interview with BBC Newsnight that was intended to clear his name after he was accused of being complicit in Epstein's sex-trafficking ring.

He claimed he had not spoken to the 57-year-old -- the daughter of late media mogul Robert Maxwell who he met while they were both at university -- about Epstein the last time they were in touch because the multi-millionaire "wasn't in the news" yet.

The fallout from the interview saw the Queen summon her son to Buckingham Palace last week and strip him off his royal duties. He was also stripped off his annual £249,000 (approx $322,000) Sovereign Grant allowance, with it now looking unlikely that he will ever perform royal duties again.

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