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'Prey' on Hulu: First reactions hail the new 'Predator' movie for being 'sharp', worthy and brutal'

The latest entrant in the 'Predator' franchise was screened at the San Diego Comic-Con and the reactions have started pouring in
Amber Midthunder as Naru in a still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)
Amber Midthunder as Naru in a still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)

The latest entry in the ‘Predator’ franchise, titled ‘Prey’, has managed to create a lot of buzz since its inception. Even though the last movie, ‘The Predator’, was panned by the critics, fans of the aforementioned franchise are pretty excited about the upcoming Hulu movie. The movie just had an advanced screening for critics as well as audiences at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and the first wave of reactions has finally poured in.

The movie is set almost 268 years before the events of the first ‘Predator’ film that was released in 1987. The Comanche Tribe rules The Great Plains of North America and kills prey to feed themselves. Everything was running smoothly until one of the tribes’ skilled warriors, Naru (Amber Midthunder), stalks a prey that always manages to evade her. However, she soon gets to know that the prey she is stalking is actually an alien creature from the outside world, with a highly advanced weapons system. The entire tribe gets together to know the reality of this creature and engages in the fight of a lifetime.


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Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder in a still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)
Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder in a still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the movie’s timeline is one of the reasons why fans have been so excited about the film and it seems those who have seen the movie are in awe of the latest entry in the ‘Predator’ movie series. Several critics shared their views about the movie on social media and called ‘Prey’ one of the best movies in the franchise and matched up to the level of the original one.

Courtney Howard, the movie critic for Variety, hailed the movie as “terrific” and called the movie a worthy successor in the ‘Predator’ franchise. She also praised the film’s lead actor Amber Midthunder for a “captivating” performance. She wrote, “#PreyMovie is terrific! A sharp survivalist monster movie mixed with genre IP (along the lines of THE REVENANT meets PREDATOR), blending familiar with new lore. Strong sense of character, mounting suspense & LOTS of gore. #Prey is a worthy successor in the PREDATOR franchise. It thrilled me just as much (if not more than) the original 87 flick. They are neck & neck, for me.”


Meanwhile, Kate Sanchez, the editor-in-chief of ‘But Why Tho’ entertainment website, called the movie “phenomenal” and said that the franchise needed this movie. She wrote, “#Prey is phenomenal. It's the sequel the Predator franchise needed and manages to stand on its own. I've loved Amber Midthunder's work and it makes me so happy to see her thrive.”


Andrew J. Salazar from Discussing Film tweeted, “#Prey is everything I wanted from this concept... totally brutal, imaginative and filled with evident filmmaking passion. It feels so so good to say this. The Predator is f*****g back in true form and isn't going away any time soon.” On the other hand, Gregg Katzman from CBR embraced the movie for its “awesome” horror and action sequences. He also said that the ‘Predator’ franchise has finally returned to form.


“Absolutely loved #Prey t embraces the suspense of the original Predator movie and then explodes with awesome action and horror scenes. A real return to form for the Predator franchise & I’m excited to watch it again. You’ve made this Predator fan very happy,” wrote Katzman.


Germain Lussier from Gizmodo said the movie is “exciting” and is the best ‘Predator’ movie since the original one. He wrote, “Prey is as worthy & badass a Predator movie as we've seen since the original. Beautifully shot, tightly written, excellent characters, and some of the grossest, most wildly entertaining sci-fi action in the franchise. It's exciting, fun, powerful, & I can't wait to watch it again.”


The audiences seated for the film’s screening at the SDCC gave director Dan Trachtenberg and the cast of the movie a “standing ovation”.

All the reactions so far have been really positive and praised the movie’s engaging storyline and gore.


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A still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)
A still from 'Prey' (20th Century Studios)

The movie sees Amber Midthunder playing the lead role of Naru in the movie while Dane DiLiegro would be donning the costume of the alien creature known as The Predator. Other actors to feature in the movie include Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat (Itsee), Geronimo Vela (Comanche Warrior), Dakota Beavers (Taabe), and Stefany Mathias (Sumu).

‘Prey’ will be premiering exclusively on Hulu on Friday, August 5.