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Petty Little Liars' spin off 'The Perfectionists' first teaser out: Are Allison and Mona reuniting?

The Perfectionists is all set to premiere in 2019 and stars Pretty Little Liars' alum Sasha Pieterse and Janelle Parrish alongside Sofia Carson and Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford
UPDATED JAN 16, 2020
Sasha Pieterse (Source:Getty Images)
Sasha Pieterse (Source:Getty Images)

After what seems like ages, fans have been given a dekko at the first teaser of Pretty Little Liars' spin-off called The Perfectionist.

Its first 10 episodes will allow fans a sneak peak into Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish reprising their former roles. But here's the catch: the girls are not in Rosewood anymore.

Instead, they seem to have relocated to Beacon Heights, Oregon. Allison is a faculty member at BHU and as she claims, she "doesn't know a soul."

Worry not, that changes soon as Mona appears with a pie and a giant knife. PLL fans will know better than to expect this to be a bittersweet reunion, owing to Mona's track record throughout the show.

What follows next in the teaser is a montage of hot, well dressed, high school students flaunting about all their glory, with the sinister cold essence of PLL lingering throughout. It's beyond obvious that there's more mystery than the smiling faces of the students let on and then comes the inevitable prophecy of sorts.

The visuals continue showcasing what seems to be the perfect lives of the Beacon Heights students, until someone is heard in the background, saying: “Someone is about to snap… and kill.”

If Sofia Carson walking around like the hottest girl on the campus wasn't enough to make fans gasp, the closing bits of the 36-second-teaser is sure to send chills down the spines.

Mona can be seen sitting in a car on the campus, when suddenly Allison appears and slams her own hands down on the hood of the car, making the other one gasp (for good reason).

The spinoff is based on Sarah Shepard's series of novels and is being executive-produced by Marlene King. All set to premiere in 2019, the show also stars Sydney Park, Eli Brown, Graeme Thomas King, Hayley Erin, and Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford.