K-pop fans and TikTokers sabotage Trump's Tulsa rally, RSVP for thousands of seats only to leave them empty

Trump's Tulsa rally tickets were reportedly RSVPed by K-pop fans that had everyone believe that more than 100,000 people were going to show up

                            K-pop fans and TikTokers sabotage Trump's Tulsa rally, RSVP for thousands of seats only to leave them empty
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President Donald Trump was looking forward to his Tulsa rally as he claimed that nearly one million people sent RSVP for the event. Trump was sure that not a single seat would be empty at the event. However, people were surprised to find out that nearly half the arena was indeed vacant. 

There were a few Trump supporters who were seated well in advance outside the arena to make sure they were the first ones to get in while there were others who decided to sleep outside in a bid to get in. However, on the day of the event, there was a sudden turn in how things were anticipated. This came in after Trump had spoken about having over a million people at his rally. "Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!" he wrote. The reality of the event, however, was quite different than what was expected. The hacktivist group Anonymous claimed that K-pop stans had sent an RSVP for the event that had everyone believe that over one million people would be showing up. 

"The autonomous K-pop brigades have successfully sabotaged the #TrumpRally by RSVPing thousands of seats ahead of time. The operation was a success, K-pop wins again," read the tweet. "Those requests were literally from k-pop stans. All of which did not show up because they did it to troll the president and his racist a**," read another. Many appreciated what the K-pop stans did as another comment read, "Yo, teens, K-Pop fans, and general 'I will undermine Trump' folks... keep it going! We work together to take back our country from this f***ing wingnut." One more said, "Shout out to the k-pop stans and tik tok zoomers who mass requested #TulsaTrumpRally tickets and made them dramatically overestimate the number of people coming." 

Previously, K-pop stans were able to raise a million to help support Black Lives Matter movement. They started #MatchAMillion with the hope that people would be able to donate enough to help the movement. This was started after BTS donated a million dollars for the same. Within less than 24 hours, the army was able to generate enough money and gave it to help the cause.

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