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BTS donate $1M for Black Lives Matter movement, Army starts #MatchAMillion to raise funds

BTS has won many hearts by donating a generous amount towards the movement and now fans are trying to do the same
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

BTS have never made a political statement before but that did not hold them back from opening their wallets and making a generous donation towards the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. The band's agency, Big Hit Entertainment, confirmed that the band had made a donation of $1M. 

Fans were quick to praise the band for their generosity and were in love with them more than ever. Many applauded them for using their money for good unlike other Hollywood celebrities who chose to only post a black image on their social media instead of helping with donations. Meanwhile, others shared how $1M was a very big amount when converted into Korean currency. "ONE MILLION USD = 1,203,184,694 WON," read one comment. Seeing how the band did not hesitate to make a statement, the fandom called Army decided to unite and follow the footsteps of their beloved singers. 

#MatchAMillion started trending on Twitter as many fans vowed to donate the same amount using their fandom charity and help people who had been struggling in the US. "The group @BTS_twt donated 1 million dollars to #BlackLivesMatter and now the fandom ARMY has decided they will work to match the group one million through their fandom charity fanbase, which is keeping track," read one comment. Another added, "This is why I trust BTS! They donated a week before they spoke up. They opened their wallets before opening their mouths. Those who didn’t trust them just please LEAVE THIS FANDOM. Thank you so much BTS and Bighit!" read another comment. 

BTS broke their silence a couple of days back where they stated they stand against racism. "We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together. #BlackLivesMatter," they wrote

The page allows you to make donation to the organizations that have been listed on it. "Show support by giving what you can. We can't do everything, but everyone can do something," the page mentions as it asks users to "split a donation to all groups listed on this page, or allocate specific amounts to individual groups". "$25, $100, $250 and $1,000" are some of the options given to people to choose from. The page also allows you to make a donation of your choice and has given space to specify the amount. With nearly 155K tweets, it looks like Army is all set to make a difference.