Joe Biden says 'I'm in trouble' as he looks for lost mask only to find it in pocket, Internet asks 'is he 5?'

The president appeared to lose his mask and needed the help of Jill Biden to search for it during a rally in Georgia

                            Joe Biden says 'I'm in trouble' as he looks for lost mask only to find it in pocket, Internet asks 'is he 5?'
Joe and Jill Biden look for the mask on stage (Twitter)

In an unfortunate incident, President Joe Biden appeared to lose his mask at a rally in Duluth, Georgia. Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were seen joining Biden on the stage when Biden began a frantic search for his face covering. Within seconds, he was joined by first lady Jill Biden in the search. 

As the two senators walked up, Biden began shuffling through his folder. He can then be heard telling Warnock what sounds like "can't find my mask". The first lady then stepped up from behind Biden and took his folder to search while Biden turned to the audience to say, "I'm looking for my mask. I am in trouble". He then appeared to share a joke with Warnock while an aide ran up behind the president and handed a mask to Jill.


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Joe Biden holds a protective mask as he speaks to the media after receiving a briefing from the transition COVID-19 advisory board on November 09, 2020 at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. (Getty Images)

As he did so, Biden appeared to find the mask in his pocket and held it up with a relieved "ah!" to the crowd. Jill then placed the folder back on the lectern while the president wore his mask behind her. As this happened, Ossoff and Warnock are waving to the crowd. All throughout the 40 or so seconds, music was blaring from the speakers. Here's a video of the incident, posted on Twitter. 



It wasn't the only awkward moment for Biden, who was interrupted by protesters shortly after he started his speech. As he began his remarks, protesters chanted "End detention now" and "communities not cages". To that, a clearly annoyed Biden responded, "I agree with you. I'm working on it man. Give me another five days". That remark led to cheers from the crowd and eventually, Biden smiled. 

The president was in the peach state to promote his plans to grow the economy. He also thanked Georgia for voting for Ossoff and Warnock, giving Democrats the two crucial seats needed to control the Senate. However, all the promises he made and plans he had clearly took a backseat to the mask gaffe. Within minutes, that's all most people could talk about on social media. 

The President after finding his mask at a rally in Duluth, Georgia on April 29, 2020. (Twitter)

Americans are not laughing the incident off

While Biden may have laughed off the incident, it appears as if some Americans aren't. Not surprisingly, but Fox News was quick to highlight the little drama as commentator Stephen L Miller tweeted, "Who is he always in trouble with? He always says he's in trouble. Is this is a signal?" That sentiment was echoed by another user, who asked, "How come the President of the United States is always so worried about getting in trouble? Is he 5? Who does he think he’s going to be in trouble with?"



Another Fox News commentator tweeted, "I thought this was doctored but I think it's really something that happened today." One person said, "Democrats think this is fine."



One person took a more serious note, saying, "Well, we could be joking about this. But actually it is rather disturbing to see. This man who is "in trouble" while looking for his mask is not some grandpa but the US Head of State, in charge of the government, military and launch codes. What if gets in trouble there?"


"They got him programmed to always wear as mask, so lets see long it takes to deprogram him to no wear one outside" one person tweeted. Another said, "I’ll ask again: How long do we all have to pretend he is not in the early throes of senility?"



It's unclear why Biden was so frantically searching for his mask. Since he has received both his doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, he isn't required to wear a mask in open areas where there isn't a crowd. The president, FLOTUS and the two senators were the only ones on stage. All attendees were in their vehicles since the event was a drive-in only. However, with millions of Americans refusing to get their shots, Biden could be looking to continue promoting mask-wearing, which is still a vital requirement. 

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