Pregnant woman accused of shoplifting forced to undergo emergency C-section after getting shot by armed Walgreens employee

Pregnant woman accused of shoplifting forced to undergo emergency C-section after getting shot by armed Walgreens employee
The woman was apparently stealing from the store in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 12 (Representational Image - Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: A pregnant woman accused of shoplifting was forced to undergo an emergency C-section after she was shot by an armed Walgreens employee in the parking lot of the store. Mitarius Boyd, 21, a team leader at the store was informed by another employee that two women were stealing from the store in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 12. He claimed he saw the women placing items into a store cart and into a large over-the-shoulder bag.

Travonsha Ferguson, 24, was reportedly caught on surveillance footage getting shot multiple times by Boyd with his semi-automatic pistol. He said that one of the women sprayed him with a can of Mace, and that’s when Boyd said he pulled out his gun and began shooting. She was forced to have an emergency C-section, with her seven-month-old baby being delivered two months early. 


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The woman is in stable condition

Both Ferguson and her child remain in the hospital with the former being in a critical but stable condition according to Metro Nashville Police Department. The women started to place items they had allegedly stolen in the trunk of the car before the shooting. Boyd explained that he was in fear and didn’t know if they were armed.


The women fled the scene in their car. Boyd then went back into the store and called 911. The other women took Ferguson to General Hospital and drove away. Ferguson was taken by ambulance to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Metro Nashville Police Department issues a statement

"Boyd cooperated with detectives. His gun was seized and detectives are in possession of his cell phone", a spokesman for Metro Nashville Police Department said according to Daily Mail. "At the completion of the investigation, detectives will staff their findings with the District Attorney’s Office for a determination as to whether Boyd will face charges."


Boyd was previously arrested

Boyd was previously arrested in October last year for causing a disruption in a Nashville Best Buy store after he was unable to buy a PS5. He refused to leave the store after officers arrived and were taken into custody. He was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Pregnant woman claims cops dragged her to hospital 

MEAWW previously reported that a young woman recalled a traumatic experience when she was about to give birth. The 23-year-old mother-of-four alleged that she was threatened by the police while she was pregnant and told that she would be dragged to the hospital in handcuffs for refusing to have her baby through a C-section. The woman, whose name has not been revealed, wanted to give birth to her child through a natural birth procedure after having two of her children born surgically. She alleged that the doctors refused to allow her to have a natural birth despite the fetus being perfectly healthy.


The incident took place almost a year and a half ago in August 2021, when she refused the C-section option and found a policewoman and social worker from the New South Wales Department of Communications and Justice in Deniliquin at her doorstep. They had come to escort her to the hospital. According to Daily Mail, the woman said, “I was so tired and just cried with tears streaming down my face.” Authorities iterated that the decision to take her was made keeping in mind the mother and baby’s health.

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 Pregnant woman accused of shoplifting has emergency C-section after being shot by Walgreens employee