Pregnant woman who had sex with boy, 14, over 100 times because 'he acted way older' faces up to 50 years in jail

Brittany Stricker has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a minor by US law chiefs for her abuse of her teen 'lover.' She is said to have had sex with the 14-year-old teen every other day during a six-month period of abuse.

                            Pregnant woman who had sex with boy, 14, over 100 times because 'he acted way older' faces up to 50 years in jail

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA: A 20-year-old pregnant mother from Lincoln, Nebraska is facing up to 50 years of imprisonment for allegedly having sex with a minor more than 100 times, in the six months that she was abusing him.

Brittany Stricker, who as reported by The Journal Star, was pregnant when her "affair" with the 14-year-old boy began gave birth to a son on July 2. He is said to be fathered by an unnamed Marine. 

Even though both Stricker and the teenager initially denied the "romance", they reportedly changed their version of the events. The police document about the case read: “Beginning in March there were two reports...with concerns about the victim being involved in a sexual relationship with (the defendant).” Stricker, who was arrested on Tuesday, allegedly had sex with the boy at least every other day during the period of abuse. 

She has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a minor by US law officials. 

The crime was brought to the attention of the Lincoln police department after they received reports in March, which expressed concerns over the woman's relationship with the victim. Court documents reportedly reveal how the victim had later contacted cops in July claiming he had sex with Stricker close to 100 times between January and June of 2019. Allegedly they both used to get inebriated before sleeping together.

The document further states that according to the victim's statement, Stricker was aware of her sexual partner's age and that multiple parties have confronted her about the minor's age and the inappropriateness of the sexual nature of their relationship. "The victim states that friends have witnessed he and (the defendant) engaged in sexual intercourse," reads the report. 

Stricker also allegedly told the cops how the victim acted way older than his actual age of 14... "which helped her justify her actions”. She is currently in custody and has been banned from contacting her victim ahead of a court appearance scheduled for August.

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