#PrayForYe: Azealia Banks's mental illness a joke while Kanye gets prayers? Fans say 'it's disgusting'

#PrayForYe: Azealia Banks's mental illness a joke while Kanye gets prayers? Fans say 'it's disgusting'
Kanye West, Azealia Banks (Getty Images)

Over the years, many celebrities have shared their struggles with mental illnesses. However, not all of them who have admitted to having any sort of psychological issues have been treated equally. Similarly, following Kanye West’s latest meltdown during his first presidential campaign on Sunday, July 19, Internet users have expressed disappointment, owing to the bias that exists surrounding the mental illnesses of celebrities and the manner in which they are approached. 

After Kanye's controversial statements, social media was flooded with reactions from concerned fans. "Why is nobody in Kanye West family stepping into helping him ???? Is it not clear the man is battling underlying issues," read a comment. While another wrote, "Kanye west needs help like seriously. Someone pls recommend him a therapist or something." A third shared, "Kanye needs help and it’s sad that the people aren’t him aren’t getting it for him." While another user wrote, "Seeing that Kanye crying thing is so sad man :/ he clearly needs help and support from people who are supposed to care about him. Idgaf what you think about what he says, it's not like he has ever actually hurt anyone. He’s just an artist who says crazy shit sometimes."


But when you compare that when to what American rapper Azealia Banks went through, it shows a marked difference. Though Banks has established herself as a fine musician, she was met with shocking reactions on opening about her mental illness, as she spoke about her struggles with bipolar disorder. A significant number of Twitter users have noted that her issues were simply brushed off as "problematic" while many are seen Kanye showering with love and support, who is allegedly suffering from the same illness.  

One tweeted, “When kanye has a meltdown it’s “omg he needs help  and a whole talk about mental health but with azealia banks everyone just made her out to be the angry black woman and turned her struggles into a joke.”

“Again I’m annoyed at how y’all completely dismissed Azealia Banks but somehow reach in the back of yo pockets for empathy each time Kanye West comes sideways.Yes I’m down to talk about mental health. But imma be honest, I’m not taking this conversation seriously,” added another user to the previous tweet. 

Meanwhile, many of them are seen widely discussing the “double standards” that has crippled the entertainment industry. “Not saying Azealia shouldn’t be held accountable for her words an actions but not any higher than the internet trolls an tonight has really showed the double standards of it all in my opinion we have two artists that are bipolar both say crazy shit yet one get a # #PrayforYe” tweeted one. 

"I think the reason Azealia Banks is so “problematic” is that she simply doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone’s feelings, like, she doesn’t f*cking care if you get offended. And I respect the hell out of that. Sometimes she can get overzealous with it, but people dog on her too much” wrote another, extending their support to Banks. 

Another Twitter user used the platform to express their anger about female celebrities being treated with disrespect while their male counterparts receive the utmost support. The tweeted, “All the dragging many have done to Azealia Banks and mocked her Mental Illness, yet it's Pray for Ye? This community can truly be so male identified for men who display hatred to the women and culture. It is so disgusting.”


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