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Is Kanye West ok? Fans defend Kardashians after trolls blame 'Kardashian curse' for rapper's meltdown at rally

The rapper presided over his first political rally in South Carolina during which he swore, made controversial statements, and even broke down at one point, which led to a backlash against the Kardashians
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Kanye West presided over his first presidential rally in South Carolina on Sunday, July 19. He put forth his anti-abortion stance, discussed his problems with pornography, and called upon random people to speak. The address, which extended for more than an hour, saw the rapper make a number of controversial statements that didn't go down well with the ones in attendance. "Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves. She just had the slaves work for other White people," said Kanye at one point, one of the most contentious remarks made during his speech.

A number of people took to the Internet to weigh in on their thoughts about the rapper's statements. Many social media users took to Twitter and raised concerns about Kanye needing therapy and also placed the blame for his rambling speech on the 'Kardashian curse', a theory that suggests that all Kardashian partners are destined for doom. However, the family also has a solid number of people rallying behind them and are defending them against all the accusations that paint them as the reason behind Kanye's questionable behavior and statements.

"Why is nobody in Kanye West family stepping into helping him ???? Is it not clear the man is battling underlying issues," read a comment. While another Twitter user wrote, "Kanye west needs help like seriously. Someone pls recommend him a therapist or something." Another shared, "Kanye needs help and it’s sad that the people aren’t him aren’t getting it for him." While another user wrote, "Seeing that Kanye crying thing is so sad man :/ he clearly needs help and support from people who are supposed to care about him. Idgaf what you think about what he says, it's not like he has ever actually hurt anyone. He’s just an artist who says crazy shit sometimes."

Quite a few users blamed Kanye's association with the Kardashian clan for his behavior. "That Kardashian curse got Kanye acting up. He been with that lady too long. GET OUT YE," wrote a user while another shared, "I’m convinced this is the Kardashian curse. They came for Kanye and Megan thee stallion who's it gonna be next????" Another user wrote, "Kanye has finally fallen under the Kardashian curse smh somebody help him."

However, a section of Twitter users was divided over blaming an adult's behavior and statements on someone else and were not leaning into the comments that deemed the Kardashians responsible for the rapper's statements at the rally. "I'm not for the Kardashians in any way but again don't blame them for Kanye's behavior. he has always done erratic, impulsive things way before the Kardashians came along."

Another wrote, "Stop blaming the Kardashians over behavior Kanye already had before he got with Kim." Another user shared, "I can't believe Twitter has me ready to go off on a tangent in defense of the Kardashians. What the hell man?! Kanye's mental illness is his, not Kim's. She can't save him from his bipolar illness if he doesn't want to save himself from it." Another tweet read, "?? I agree that the Kardashians exploit their personal problems for views but Kanye being a f**king clown is not Kim's fault... I don't like her at all but this is a grown-a** man just being a f**king fool & refusing to take his meds. How we gon pin all the blame on her?"