'Power' star Rotimi says "there is no coming back" for Kanan, but Dre is going to take advantage of that

Rotimi tells Meaww that he wants Dre to 'live a long life' despite the thousands of fans wishing death upon him.

                            'Power' star Rotimi says "there is no coming back" for Kanan, but Dre is going to take advantage of that

It has been over a month since ‘Power’ season 5 finale was aired, but we are all still reeling from the three shocking deaths of the season. In fact, the whole season was filled with so many plot twists that left most of us thinking “they cannot do this,” but they did every single episode.  

Players we thought would be around till the end of the show were killed off, like Kanan (portrayed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) and Angela (portrayed by Lela Loren). Meanwhile. Dre, who, many want to see dead, is surviving every possible worst-case scenario. There is one man, who is not complaining, though - Rotimi Akinosho.  

About Dre’s miraculous escape from death yet again, Rotimi tells Meaww, “I know everyone wants my character to die, though, but despite that, he was able to be like a superhero and employ multiple gunshots and kill multiple people.” 

“I think he is a survivor when it comes down to it. He had gone to prison, he learned a lot while he was there and also, it's a survival thing. His instincts just kick in and he is not afraid of anything,” he says. “When it comes down to it, he just needs to do whatever he needs to, to survive because I think Dre must be Nigerian because he got the willpower out of this world.” 



And, he is not ready to watch his character die anytime soon. “I don't think I ever want him [to go down],” further joking, “I want him to live a long life, have some grandkids, look back on his life and say he did some things that he regrets when he was in his twenties. I think he needs to live a long life.” 

When it comes down to it, Rotimi says he was as mind blown by the finale as the fans. He remembers thinking: “It's going make people go insane because there are so many plot twists so many unexpected situations,” while reading the script. “I think it was beautiful and well-written and I think it is probably our best finale out of the whole series.” 

The most shocking event for him, much like the rest of us, seems to be the death of Kanan. “I didn't expect it when I first read about it. Because it was 50's show I thought he will probably go through the end,” he reveals, adding that none of 50’s jokes regarding Kanan’s death prepared him for it. “The way he went out was so epic. I thought it was a really great ending,” he opines.  


To anyone wondering if his death is a gimmick, only for Kanan to come back from the dead, again, Rotimi has a short answer: “For Kanan, there is no coming back.” 

While Dre has escaped death, his future, along with that of his daughter’s hangs by the thread. They are both in witness protection, and he is trying to figure out how that fits into the grand scheme of things. His primary concern is keeping his daughter safe. Then again, Rotimi is sure that he is “so smart that he will figure out a way to come back and make his presence known.” 

It would make sense for him to make his presence felt sooner rather than later since Kanan is out of the picture and there seems to be no going back to partners/friends for Ghost (portrayed by Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (portrayed by Joseph Sikora). However, “the only way he will have allies is if it makes sense to him and his daughter,” says Rotimi regarding Dre’s future plans of potentially aligning himself with either Tommy or Ghost.  



He definitely is going to see the opportunity to do so, but when he strikes, it will completely depend on meticulous planning and preparation. “I think with the divide, Dre is going to see it as an opportunity. Because, when they are together they are very strong, but when they are away from each other he can possibly play one against the other,” he says, adding that “Dre's chances of taking over” are currently higher than ever before. "… When they were together, he couldn't really stop them but now that they are separated now it makes it a hell of a lot easier for him.” 

We will surely see this unravel when the show returns with season 6, which is set to air in 2019 on Starz.