'Power' showrunner warns no one is immune from tragic deaths in season 5

Raina's death towards the end of ‘Power’ season 4 had left fans emotionally wrecked and from the looks of it, the show is not done making us feel miserable.

                            'Power' showrunner warns no one is immune from tragic deaths in season 5
Actress Donshea Hopkins (Source: Getty Images)

If 'Power' you were devastated by the death of Raina (portrayed by Donshea Hopkins) in Season 4, then you need to brace yourself for worse fate awaiting the remained beloved characters on the show. According to the show's creator Courtney Kemp, Raina's was one of the many deaths looming in the corner for 'Power' characters. In fact, Kemp has said that there is not a single character on the show that is safe from a potential gruesome death. 

"There are going to be huge deaths and big twists. What happened to Raina is going to reverberate throughout the season," she told TV Insider, adding, “What happened to Raina is going to reverberate throughout the season. The audience should have time to mourn because you don’t wake up the morning after and just walk that off.” 

In fact, this season is going to be more visceral and intense than any of the previous seasons, she reveals. Going as far as to call the upcoming season 5 "tragic," Kemp went on to reveal to Hollywood Life that the decision was a hard one to make but was essential for the story-telling.  

“It was the right piece of storytelling.” But why? — “I say this all the time, I tell people, ‘I think you’re confusing how hard it is to watch than how hard it would be to make the decision (to kill her off),” she explained. She further elaborated on how Tariq had made so many bad decisions all the way along and that it was quite obvious to the writers that someone was going to have to get killed because of his bad decisions. She confidently added, "The fact that it wasn’t him is what makes our show better than other shows.”    

In a show with a premise like that of 'Power,' no character is actually safe. The king of the underworld and his family all the more so. However, we did expect some longevity for the main character, but with the show planning to wrap up soon, even that luxury may be taken away from the viewers.  

This season we will also see many alliances between groups of people we would not have assumed would work together. Everyone who wwatchesthe premiere episode of the season already knows the unlikely duo Angela (Lela Loren) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) are joined at the hip now.  

Meanwhile, Ghost (portrayed by Omari Hardwick), is in a dangerous alliance with his estranged ride-or-rise Tommy Egan (portrayed by Joseph Sikora), as well as his enemy Kanan Stark (50 Cent). One of these dangerous alliances could land one of the leading stars of the show in the coffin.  

New episodes of 'Power' will be aired on Starz at 9/8 C on Sundays.