'Power' Season 6 Episode 11: When will the Starz show return after mid-season finale and reveal Ghost's fate?

'Power' Season  6 Episode 11: When will the Starz show return after mid-season finale and reveal Ghost's fate?

Courtney Kemp and the other showrunners of 'Power' did us fans dirty by giving us a 'Power' mid-season finale in which Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is supposedly dead. We know that there is no 'Power' without Ghost and yet, that seed of doubt about Ghost being actually absent from the remaining six episodes has been sowed. And, we will not get an answer about it until next year.

Season 6 Episode 11 of 'Power' which will show us the repercussions of Ghost getting shot will be aired on Starz on the first Sunday of 2020, which happens to be January 5. When the show returns, one of the questions to be answered is who tried to get Ghost killed? There are some obvious choices, from his estranged son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) to his spiteful ex-wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton), and, of course, the score of people who Ghost has double-crossed over the years. 

However, another plausible theory floating among fan groups is that Ghost may have arranged for the hitman himself to fake his death. We know that Ghost has been wanting to leave the streets behind for a while now, and it is entirely possible that he wanted a clean break which would only be possible if he were to die publically. There are just too many people gunning to take him down, and simply trying to leave without causing any more damage did not work. We saw him trying that out earlier this season. 


Season 6 Episode 11 may very well take us a few months into the future from the events of Episode 10, and see him living a completely new life. That may even set up the premise for 'Power' 2.0, which was promised to us by 50 Cent, the executive producer of the Starz show. 

As you patiently count down the days to January 5, don't forget to check this space for all the official updates, our theories and everything else 'Power' leading up to the mid-season finale.


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 Power Season 6 Episode 11 When will Starz show return after mid-season finale reveal Ghost fate