'Power' season 5: Naturi Naughton teases a Tasha-Angela team-up in light of tragedies surrounding them

All the pain and loss that has led up to season 5 and has made Tasha into a more mature and grown-up person.

                            'Power' season 5: Naturi Naughton teases a Tasha-Angela team-up in light of tragedies surrounding them
Naturi Naughton (Source : Getty Images)

Season 5 of 'Power' is returning to Starz Sunday, July 1, and boy do we have some questions that need answering, cliffhangers that need explaining and characters whose well-being that need to be established! The last season had ended on a very grave and mournful note, with the very tragic death of Raina (portrayed by Donshea Hopkins). 

This obviously is going to deeply affect the people around her, especially her mother Tasha, explains Naturi Naughton, who portrays the badass lady on screen. "The death of Raina and now, Tasha has to focus on being a mother in a way that it scares her. She's not only losing her husband but her children," Naughton explains to Forbes.  

"By the time you watch season five, you see a totally different woman. She's not just this girl caught up in the life," she says, which of course, is understandable. She is no longer this love-struck woman who thinks her husband could become the biggest drug dealer in the city, without it having any implications on the children they raise together.  

Raina's death is especially hard for her, because she believes that had she not let her go out with Terry (portrayed by Brandon Victor Dixon), the man she is having an affair with, she could have prevented the murder. As fans will remember, she also got sucked into the dark path of revenge, supporting Ghost's (portrayed by Omari Hardwick) attempts to get revenge for their daughter's death.  

Tasha is also distressed by the hot mess - Tariq (portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr.) - her other son, who is growing up to be simply the worst. However, this season we may see the light at the end of the tunnel for the young man. Tasha's decision to take responsibility for her choices and acknowledge her part in the disastrous events in her children's lives will be beneficial for not just herself, but also her son.  

In season 5, we see a Tasha, who has evolved into more of a mature person, says Naughton, going as far as to do things we would never expect the proud woman to do, for the sake of her family – like teaming up with Angela (portrayed by Lela Loren). The very woman who is Ghost's childhood sweetheart and the woman he cheated on her with. 

"This season I think you'll see a relationship between Tasha and Tariq that hasn't been shown before. They actually have a stronger bond than father and son this season because Tasha is willing to fall on her sword to save Tariq," she says.  

That doesn't mean Tariq turns into a saint all of a sudden though, with Naughton teasing that there are more bad boy/troubled child antics from the troubled young man.  

Don't forget to catch the season 5 premiere of 'Power' on Starz at 8 pm (EST) on Sunday, July 1.