'Power' season 5 finale: Starz show does the unthinkable as Ghost learns he is actually powerless

'Power' season 5 finale: Starz show does the unthinkable as Ghost learns he is actually powerless


If you’re looking for some answers after watching season 5 finale of ‘Power,’ you have come to the right place. First it was the unimaginable death of Kanan (portrayed by 50 Cent), the death of Tommy’s (portrayed by Joseph Sikora) birth father at his own hands and in Sunday night’s episode, [seriously, turn back now if you haven’t watched the finale] it was the unintended bullet that killed Angela (portrayed by Lela Loren) that has truly made us consider the possibility of ‘When This Is Over.’ 

That is exactly where the show is headed, with everyone around Ghost (portrayed by Omari Hardwick) falling like flies. The last few episodes of season 5 foreshadow the remainder of the show, in which Ghost will finally learn that he has no control over the things he thought he did. He first got a taste of powerlessness in season 4 when his daughter Raina (portrayed by Donshea Hopkins) died.  

The episode in itself was spectacular for other reasons as well. It truly chronicled the paranoia that has been looming over Tommy and Ghost’s relationship for a long time now. ‘When This is Over’ took the viewers on a tense 24-hour journey with Tommy, Angela, Ghost and Tasha (portrayed by Naturi Naughton), where we experienced contact anxiety from watching them race against time to prove their innocence. 

What now? Source Power.Starz
What now? Source Power.Starz


Angela plan to close any gaps the Assistant US Attorney’s office may have worked, however, Saxe (Shane Johnson) had Tommy eating out of his palm after revealing that Ghost has manipulated him to kill his father Teresi (William Sadler). A furious Tommy decides to end all ties to Ghost one and for all, and tracks him down to where he is conveniently lying to the woman he claims he loves. 

It is unfortunate that the last thing Ghost told Angela is a point-blank lie about killing Terry (portrayed by Brandon Victor Dixon). Even as he said this, the viewers saw a flashback of him choking the life out of him in a parking garage after watching he and Tasha have sex. Soon after this he tells her he loves her, and probably from the high of that, she pushes him away when Tommy’s bullet speeds towards him.  



While Angela’s death is a devastating blow to the fans, there is still a possibility that she survives the bullet, especially considering it hit her in the chest a little to the right, meaning slightly away from the heart. Tommy’s actions and his complete disregard of whether Ghost saw him killing his woman also set the path for the upcoming season, wherein he will possibly align himself with one of his enemies – or someone who has a personal vendetta against him.  

Joining his son Tariq’s (portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr.) gang would hit Ghost where it hurts, if killing the love of his life wasn’t good enough, that is. We are prediction a strong presence of Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) and Tariq in the upcoming season.  

It has been just hours since season 5 ended, but we are already experiencing ‘Power’ withdrawal symptoms. Don’t forget to check back here for all your updates and news about ‘Power’ season 6.  

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 Power season 5 finale Starz show does the unthinkable as Ghost learns he is actually powerless