'Power' season 5: You're not ready for this "raw, real, tense" finale

'When This Is Over' will mark the finale for the ongoing season 5 of 'Power' and fans are all waiting to see what will happen in this drama-high episode.

                            'Power' season 5: You're not ready for this "raw, real, tense" finale

With double crossings to yet another surprising death, the upcoming season 5 finale of ‘Power’ is going to be one of the best episodes of the show. While the nail-biting episode has been spoiled for a few fans because of the alleged leak, many are still patiently waiting for Sunday, September 9 to learn the actual turn of events.

As we know, Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Tasha (Naturi Naughton), and Angela (Lela Loren) are on a race against time to prove their innocence, while the authorities are trying to zero in on them, it is only natural that a few allies with shift sides. 

The show-runners have promised that this will be “an episode too raw, real, tense, thrilling, big for one hour.” After all, this will mark a monumental event of Angela being forced to choose between her own life and that of Ghost. She has been given 24 hours by the police to make a decision, and no matter what, this is a loose-loose scenario for Angela.  

However, it does seem like she will stick with her main man Ghost, though, having said in the trailer: Angela is seen telling her team: “As long as we don’t flip we’re all safe.”  Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) is going to have a pivotal role in the finale, and can be seen running on being chased, after both the cops and Ghost say, “We need a witness.” We are led to believe that Dre is going to be the said witness in the story.  

He is one of Ghost’s biggest nemeses, and it is only natural that he would help pin the guy. He too has committed various crimes, and this could his chance at immunity even. There is also going to be at least one more death, one can suppose from the action-packed finale.

After Kanan’s shocking death, we thought we could have some respite from deaths of our favorite characters and as it turns out that is not going to be the case at all. The final image in the trailer sees Tommy pull a gun out. The screen then goes black, and we hear a gunshot. We wonder who that bullet was for.  

The upcoming season 5 episode 10 of ‘Power’ titled ‘When This Is Over’ is coming to Starz at 8 pm on Sunday, September 9, and will be added to the Netflix library the following morning.