'Power' season 5 episode 8 puts Ghost and Tommy back on top and Kanan six feet under

The Starz show has always been about Ghost, Tommy and the St. Patricks and despite everything else in between, they will rise up in the end.

                            'Power' season 5 episode 8 puts Ghost and Tommy back on top and Kanan six feet under

Never before has the phrase “I am shooketh” made more sense for a TV show. For season 5 episode 8 of Starz’s ‘Power,’ the show-runners took fans' expectations, chewed it up and spit it out and we could not be more thankful for it. You have been fairly warned about the major spoilers for ‘Power’ season 5 finale that is to come.  

Kanan, played by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson is truly and effectively dead, and our collective feelings about his death were voiced by Tommy (portrayed by Joseph Sikora) when he said “Rest in peace, you tough b*****d,” staring down at his dead body. However, if you know ‘Power,’ and you know that 50 Cent is one of the executive producers, you know that Kanan may truly never be dead. I’m just saying, he rose from the dead once. 

Season 5 in itself has been pretty outlandish for ‘Power,’ with 'A Friend of the Family' taking the cake for blowing our minds with the most improbable outcome of all. In a move that fans would not have seen coming, with the NYPD shooting death of Kanan. He was proving to be more dangerous by the minute on the show, with even having a strange hold over Ghost’s (Portrayed by Omari Hardwick) son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.).  

It only made sense for the St. Patricks to take the weed out, even if it may be the weed that taught them all they know. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the badassery of mama bear Tasha (portrayed by Naturi Naughton)? She has lied, manipulated, blindsided one of the most devious, nasty men to protect her family – her children.  

Despite the seemingly ground-breaking effect of Kanan’s death on ‘Power,’ it may not be as ultimate as it sounds, in fact, if showrunner Courtney Kemp’s interviews so far has hinted at anything, it is that his death would only serve the purpose of taking the story of the St Patricks forward and towards the finishing line that she has envisioned for them.  

Fans of the show clearly seem impressed by the move and can’t wait to see what is coming next. 

The upcoming season 5 episode 9 of ‘Power’ will be aired on Sunday, August 2.