Powderfinger virtual reunion gig raises over $303k for charity, fans put the 40-minute video on repeat

Powderfinger virtual reunion gig raises over $303k for charity, fans put the 40-minute video on repeat
Powderfinger (Getty Images)

Australian rock band Powderfinger have raised about $303,000 (AUD 460,000) for local charities with their virtual reunion show on May 23. Presented by Secret Sounds, Universal Music Australia and streamed on YouTube, the group performed on 'One Night Lonely', a seven-song online gig, which raised funds for Support Act, the music industry charity, and Beyond Blue, the organization, which supports those struggling with mental illness. The 40-minute virtual performance has raised 92% of its AUD 500,000 goal, by early Tuesday, according to Billboard.

The band, consisting of Bernard Fanning (vocals), Ian Haug (guitars), Darren Middleton (guitars), John Collins (bass) and Jon Coghill (drums), played their classic songs, including, 'Bless My Soul', 'Sunsets', 'My Happiness', '(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind', 'Already Gone', 'Thrilloilogy' and 'These Days'. 

Powderfinger have been on a hiatus for a decade, but have been meeting regularly over the past few months anniversary releases for 'Odyssey Number 5', their fourth studio album. The LP released in 2000 and earned the band the ARIA Award for Highest Selling Album, Best Group and Best Rock Album, and was also one of five consecutive Powderfinger albums to land at No 1 in Australia. The band said in a statement, “The idea came up of playing together again in this unusual format which we all thought would be fun. The past few months have been a very strange time for us all and difficult days for many. We really just want to bring a smile to some people’s faces and along the way raise some funds to help our music industry mates and people who are currently experiencing mental health issues.”

Fans on Twitter loved the performance as well as those hearing the band for the first time. "Was sooooo good guys, watched it 3 times over," said a fan while another wrote, "I heard your music for The 1st time and really enjoyed it. :-) thx from the UK :-)". A fan, who mentioned they suffer from depression, said, "Thank you for doing this guys. It made me so happy I have had it playing again all day. That's awesome that you raised so much." Another one shared, "Great performance and great production. Honestly never been a fan, you folk came along after my music love drifted into a career but that was one hell of a gig, thank you and your crew N1 :)".

'One Night Lonely', as the name suggests, was a one-nighter, but let's hope to see a comeback from this classic rock group.


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