Portland school sued for $1.1M after female student BATTERED by bullies as staff ignored attack

Portland school sued for $1.1M after female student BATTERED by bullies as staff ignored attack
A group of girls attacked a female student at Portland's Grant High School (The Oregonian/YouTube)

PORTLAND, OREGON: A Portland mother has decided to sue the school where her daughter was bullied and got injured while a male staff member just passed by and did nothing. The incident that took place at Grant High School on January 4, brought attention back to the security concern in schools. The scuffle broke out when the girl, who only goes by LS was charging an electronic device in the common room when a group of girls got into an argument with her.

It is reported that a girl in a white hoodie became aggressive and jumped onto her, and started hitting her. The video shows a staffer sitting on the far end of the common room, and choosing to walk out instead of stopping the fight. In the wake of George Floyd's death in June 2020, Portland Public Schools ceased to employ officers in schools citing protests by many activists that the officers were biased against students of color.


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The security camera captured the alleged assaulter winding her arm up several times before slamming against LS over the argument. The victim is seen wearing a black hoodie and crouching from the incessant attacks by the group. LS at one point can be seen on her knees as the girl in the white hoodie hits her on the head with her fists. The video shows the five girls then calmly walking out of the cafeteria soon after the male staff employee. The girl in the hoodie returns to the room seconds after but doesn’t come close to LS, reports The Oregonian.

The girl then huddles near the booth she was sitting before and then two male students walk through the cafeteria. The $1.1 million lawsuit claims the victim was left with "a bloody nose, visible blood on her shirt," and was "shaken" by the attack. The document further alleged "contusions to her head, [had] a swollen nasal bridge, muscle strain to her head and neck, and ongoing right shoulder pain and stiffness." LS also had a damaged rotator cuff, which required physical therapy, as reported by Daily Mail.

The victim’s mother Rahel Fessehazion, 50, is suing Portland Public Schools for the physical and emotional injuries suffered by her daughter in a $1.1 million legal lawsuit. Fessehazion added that her daughter had been harassed by this particular group of girls since her freshman year, as she was a junior at the school. Administrators issued no-contact orders in LS' freshman year, following which the girls were kept in different classes.

The mother is asking for $780,000 for the staff member's negligence and $400,000 for her daughter's emotional distress.

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