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'Porsha's Family Matters': Porsha called 'manipulative' for gaslighting Londie

After watching the exchange between the two cousins, fans began calling out Porsha for 'gaslighting' her little cousin sister Londie
UPDATED JAN 17, 2022
Porsha Williams and Londie on 'Porsha's Family Matters' (Bravo)
Porsha Williams and Londie on 'Porsha's Family Matters' (Bravo)

With each passing episode of 'Porsha's Family Matters', Porsha Williams' image seems to unravel among the show's fans. The recently aired finale episode left fans fuming at the former 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star after watching the way she treated her cousin sister Londie.

Londie, who is Porsha's little sister from her father's side, worked as the 'RHOA' alum's assistant in the past until Porsha fired her. Londie then began working at Porsha's ex-fiance Dennis McKinley's restaurant and was soon fired from there as well. In the previous episode, Londie learned from Dennis that she was fired from his restaurant on Porsha's instructions. Londie was taken aback on learning this and decided to confront Porsha about it. Londie was trying to clear up the air so that Porsha and she could continue to have a good relationship without any misunderstandings. Unfortunately for Londie things didn't work out as she planned and ended with her crying while Porsha blamed her for everything.


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Porsha's cousin sister Londie on 'Porsha's Family Matters' (Bravo)

When Londie repeated what Dennis told her about Porsha asking him to fire her from his restaurant, the 'RHOA' alum flipped and began blaming Londie for everything. Porsha accused Londie of not being there for her when she was in an abusive relationship. When Londie tried pointing out that she was in college, Porsha then revealed that she fired her because she ruined her Chanel bag. In her confessional, Porsha explained that Londie failed to wrap baby oil separately which led to it spilling and ruining her bag for which she fired Londie.

When Londie began crying, Porsha just stormed away. She later returned and assured her cousin that she wasn't angry or upset with her. After watching the exchange between the two cousins, fans began calling out Porsha for 'gaslighting' her cousin sister. A fan tweeted, "Porsha should teach Gaslighting 101 and show this conversation she’s having with Londie. #PorshasFamilyMatters." Another fan wrote, "Nah, Porsha done gaslit the hell out of Londie. She’s been emotionally abusing people since episode one. #PorshasFamilyMatters." "Porsha is gaslighting Londie, and now that it’s not working she’s upset! I’m so glad cameras captured her horrible behavior so we can’t be fooled by her on camera acting to be concerned once Londie cried! I’m so glad people finally seeing she’s horrid! #PorshasFamilyMatters," seconded a fan.




Porsha Williams on her new show 'Porsha's Family Matters' (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "Wow Porsha seems so pretentious & materialistic- firing Londie over a Chanel bag & the mistake she made - she's her FAMILY who worked for her! I'm liking Porsha less & less. Glad this is the last show & hopefully won't be seeing her on tv anymore soon. #PorshasFamilyMatters." "This scene between Portia and Londie has me about to throw my tv out the window. PORTIA, YOU ARE A MANIPULATIVE, MEAN GIRL WHO CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR A DAMN THING. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW YOU TREATED LONDIE WITH YOUR FAKE A**, SPOILED A** SELF #PorshasFamilyMatters," declared an angry fan. "Londie is trying to have an honest and open conversation with Porsha. Meanwhile Porsha is defensive, dishonest and disingenuous. #PorshasFamilyMatters," observed a fan.




'Porsha's Family Matters' is available for streaming on Bravo.

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