Who vandalized Pop Smoke’s grave site? Fans ‘mad pissed’ over cracked marble plaque

Who vandalized Pop Smoke’s grave site? Fans ‘mad pissed’ over cracked marble plaque
Pop Smoke's burial site destroyed by vandals (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Pop Smoke’s gravesite in New York was reportedly destroyed by vandals after they smashed the late rapper’s crypt. It is also reported that the vandals even tried to take out the casket while dragging it. A few pictures started doing the rounds on the internet on Saturday, September 11, that showed the burial site being compromised.

According to the publication TMZ, the burial site of Pop Smoke was horribly vandalized. Vandals destroyed the outer wall of a mausoleum within the grounds leaving it singled out. The late ‘Dior’ hitmaker was laid to rest in March 2020 as several of his fans had gathered for the funeral procession. The loyal followers of the late 20-year-old hip-hop artist thronged on Twitter as they expressed their anger at the vandals calling the matter ‘disgusting’.
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Who vandalized Pop Smoke’s gravesite?  

The exclusive pictures released by TMZ, reveal that the burial site of Pop Smoke was in a complete mess. The celebrity website reported that there was debris scattered all around the site that looked like burned and discarded joints, as well as flowers. The marble plaque that reads the legal name of the late emcee- Bashar Barakah Jackson was spotted cracked and broken through. As to who vandalized the burial site, the mystery is yet to be solved. MEAWW will keep you posted.

Pop Smoke’s burial site is located at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. An eyewitness first spilled the beans to TMZ revealing that a concrete slab that would presumably sit over the rapper’s casket was heavily destroyed. Drag marks were spotted on the ground which appeared as if someone tried to pull the casket out. The publication revealed that the eyewitness reported the incident to the security, who were apparently unaware of the vandalism. Pop Smoke's plaque was replaced with a blank slab and caution tape was then placed at the site.  

Pop Smoke was fatally shot and killed in February 2020 after a group of intruders invaded his residence in Hollywood Hills, California. Five people were arrested in July 2020 concerned with the murder case of the Brooklyn drill rapper.



‘You have to be an evil person to destroy someone’s grave site’

Social media users got furious as they expressed their anger on Twitter. On similar lines, one user stated, “Why they vandalise pop smokes grave…what kinda sicko tries to drag the casket out too, let his soul rest wtf.” Whereas, another shared, “Whoever vandalized pop smokes grave u need to go to hell.” And one said, “I’m mad pissed about someone messing with pop smokes grave!? my heart and prayers is with his parents, brother, family, son, and fans who tf does this????”
Meanwhile, one tweeted, “It’s really disgusting what they did to Pop Smoke’s grave” as another chimed in and said, “They grave robbing pop smoke like he an ancient pharoh or sumn.” One individual asserted, “Who every vandalized pop smoke grave really childish af that man is dead like what was the reason???”  And, one user posted, “Whoever did that shit to Pop Smoke grave will literally never prosper in life.” While, another concluded, “You have to be an evil person to destroy someone’s grave site. I can’t believe someone really vandalized pop smokes grave and tried to drag the casket out. Disgusting.”


















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