Pooh Shiesty indicted in robbery case as feds use Instagram pics of cash and car as evidence

Memphis native Pooh Shiesty appeared in court on June 29 in the robbery case and is currently in federal custody

                            Pooh Shiesty indicted in robbery case as feds use Instagram pics of cash and car as evidence
Pooh Shiesty was seen showing off wads of cash on Instagram (Instagram @poohshiesty)

Pooh Shiesty, whose legal name is Lontrell Dennell Williams Jr, has been indicted in a case related to an alleged shooting and robbery of two men outside a Bay Harbor Islands hotel. The news apparently comes after the cops saw his lavish lifestyle on his official Instagram account as they used his pictures of showing-off money and cars as the evidence to nab him.

The Memphis native, who appeared in the court on Tuesday, June 29, is currently in federal custody and has been charged with discharging a firearm during a violent crime, conspiracy and robbery under a law regulating commerce, as reported by Miami Herald. It was revealed that social media played a crucial role in indicting the rapper in the robbery case. Shiesty will be held in federal custody till July 6. Shiesty was charged and freed on bond in Miami-Dade state court over the same incident, however, he was put back in jail over the alleged shooting of a security guard at a strip club on Memorial Day. The 21-year-old rapper is still facing an aggravated battery charge in the same case.   

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What exactly happened?

Shiesty’s defense attorney Saam Zangeneh spoke to Miami Herald earlier this month and revealed, “We have been in communication with the US Attorney’s Office and we believe they have a federal detainer on him and are likely to file federal charges. That doesn’t change our position as to his 100 percent innocence, in both state and federal matters.” Shiesty was charged with two other men in the federal case, identified as Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa.

According to the complaint, these three men bought marijuana and high-end athletic sneakers from two men at the Landon Hotel in Bay Harbor Islands. The publication reported that Shiesty came in a rented McLaren car, whereas Darosa showed up in a black Mercedes Maybach. Shiesty and Darosa allegedly ended up shooting two men. Miami-Dade detective Elio Garcia revealed that the robbery was caught on video surveillance. Shiesty reportedly used a subcompact machine gun on the day of the robbery. It was also revealed that he never paid the money to the victim for marijuana and high-end athletic sneakers.


Was Pooh Shiesty indicted over his lavish lifestyle on Instagram?

The complaint stated that social media played a big role in building the case. Investigators found out a swanky Louis Vuitton bag that fell out of the McLaren. It apparently contained $40,912 in cash. Now, Shiesty got in trouble after the cops revealed that just days before the robbery, the rapper had shared a photo of him on Instagram with “several long rifles and plethora of $100.00 bills”. And one of the bills in the bag had the same serial number as the one depicted on his Instagram. Shiesty also posed with a green McLaren which was spotted in the video surveillance.


‘Pooh Shiesty a perfect example of why you don’t flex on the gram’

Social media users were quick to react on the news of the rapper getting indicted. Speaking on the same lines, one user stated, “What's really sad about Pooh Shiesty's arrest is Wallo and Gillie were giving this man game on this exact situation. They told him this was going to happen if he kept on trying to live up to his lyrics smh.” Another user asked, “So its over for pooh shiesty??" Whereas, one tweeted, “See I knew Pooh Shiesty looked slow but this just confirms it.”
The next one posted, “Feds hating on Pooh Shiesty smh.” One Twitter user claimed, “Pooh Shiesty career over already. Them charges gon hit him harder than the legion of boom.” Meanwhile, one noted, “I hate to say it but Pooh Shiesty a perfect example of why you don’t flex on the gram.” Another user concluded, “Pooh Shiesty ended his own hype fr, he did indeed need a OG.”









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