Sick video shows man gloating as he spikes sports drinks for marathon runners with RUM

Sick video shows man gloating as he spikes sports drinks for marathon runners with RUM
Video shows drinks being spiked with rum at Mexico City Marathon (@record_mexico/TikTok)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: In a video uploaded to social media, a man not seen on camera was seen pouring white rum into sports drinks at a water station set up for runners at the Mexico City Marathon on August 28. The man allegedly spiked the drinks at 6 am after leaving a nightclub while intoxicated.

The video makes it clear that his goal was to intoxicate the marathoners. Given that the runners would have travelled more than 21 km by the time they reached the water station, drinking pure alcohol while working out could be risky. Javier Hidalgo Ponce, head of Mexico City’s Sports Institute, said since race volunteers who staffed the water station quickly noticed what had happened and threw out the drink, no racers drank the spiked beverages.


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In the YouTube video, the man is heard saying, "I'm going to pour some bloody Matusalem [rum] in, so they can show off," the man mumbled. "The race will be the best in the world tomorrow because everyone will perform at their highest level, everyone will dash tomorrow to simulate target shooting," he added. 

The Government of Mexico acknowledged on August 29 that the spiked beverages were discovered by event organisers who spotted something odd in the cups and removed them from the stands before the viral video came to light.


"We have taken action on the incident to ensure that this behaviour does not go unpunished and that this individual who attacked the athletes is punished with the full force of the law," officials stated in a statement. This came after the Sports Institute of Mexico City requested that the nation's cybernetic police investigate to identify the offender and file a criminal complaint with the attorney general's office. Ponce revealed that the man was later identified and that the suspect was thought to be a "well-educated person with a high socioeconomic standing." 

His acts were alleged to have a "racist and classist" undertone and to have been in opposition to planned community events. Twitter users criticised the event organisers while raising concerns about the lack of security at the booths in the days before the marathon.



The man will probably face prosecution for his attempted drink-spiking, which he committed hours before the Mexico City Marathon.The marathon's midway point was where the water station was located, and the 19,000 participants that took part may have been in danger at the 21 km mark.

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