Pokimane: What made ex OTV member cry while watching Scarra's life journey?

Pokimane: What made ex OTV member cry while watching Scarra's life journey?
Pokimane cried recalling Scarra's journey (Pokimane Too/ Pokimane/ YouTube)

Pokimane recently left the OTV platform, however, it did not prevent her from carrying on with her normal life, as she continued to upload videos. Recently she posted a 17-minute video in which she was seen crying watching OTV member, Scarra's life journey.

Pokimane closed her OTV chapter, promising to walk towards a new chapter. As of now, there’s no reason explained as to why she came to this decision, but that didn’t mean fans avoided speculations. In fact, each of them had a theory that got instantly shut down.


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Pokimane recalls her relationship with Scarra

Pokimane and Scarra have always been close. The clan members never failed to make her giggle, as evidenced by her most online posts. Pokimane mentioned Scarra's journey through clips in her recent video. She gave each of them her complete attention while candidly revealing her emotions.


The entire video was a timeline of how their relationship grew from friends to family. At first, they were just two people of the same clan, but as time passed, they had some unforgettable moments. One of the iconic moments of their relationship was the clan having alcohol, as Scarra always made it grand, according to ESSENTIALLY SPORTS' report.



'I don't cry...'

Scarra himself had a couple of adorable moments where he was the absolute entertainment. He was a legend, with bizarre pranks, anger quits, cosplays, and more. Pokimane couldn't stop giggling and almost fell off her chair as a result. It was amazing how the creator remembered everything since there was a moment when she remarked, "That's pretty good."

At last, Pokimane nearly burst into tears at the end of the video, saying, "I don't cry because I can't believe it's been that many years." After all, Scarra made sure to keep the party rolling, which is why people like him.

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 Pokimane: What made ex OTV member cry while watching Scarra's life journey?