'Pokémon Master Journeys' Part 2 Review: Ash and Goh's exciting adventures continue

Returning to America after a 4-month wait, Part 2 of 'Pokémon Master Journeys' follows Ash's and Goh's escapades as they inch closer to their goals

                            'Pokémon Master Journeys' Part 2 Review: Ash and Goh's exciting adventures continue
A still from 'Pokemon Master Journeys' Part 2 (Netflix)

A franchise like Pokemon needs no introduction. One of the highest-grossing media conglomerates of all time, it includes video games, trading cards, manga comics, music, films, anime series and merchandise. Created by Satoshi Tajiri, the franchise centers on fictional beings called 'Pokemon' who are caught and trained by humans to battle other Pokemon for sport.

The focus of the anime series is mostly on Ash Ketchum, a boy who aspires to become a Pokemon Master. Accompanying him is Pikachu, Ash's first Pokemon and loyal sidekick. How the iconic duo traverses the world of Pokemon and the friends and rivals they make while doing so form the crux of the series. 


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Part 1 of 'Pokemon Master Journeys' is about Ash's adventures with Goh, a friend with whom he travels the world battling, catching and researching Pokemon for the Cerise Laboratory. Ash continues to climb higher in the World Coronation Series rankings while Goh is on a quest of his own, adding more Pokemon to his Pokedex hoping to catch and get familiar with the legendary Mew. It ends with Ash battling Rinto, another World Coronation Series participant. Following an intense battle and a spectacular evolution sequence, Ash defeats Rinto, raising his rank from 273 to 184. 

The second part of 'Pokemon Master Journeys' starts with a plumbing issue in the Cerise Laboratory which makes Professor Cerice call Plusle and Minun All Service. Led by handymen Devi and Multa, the leaks in the laboratory are fixed. Assisting them are two of the cutest Pokemon the series has seen in a while. An error in judgement results in Devi getting hurt and ending up in the hospital. This affects Minun, Devi's Pokemon, the most and it mopes its way through the rest of the episode which sees Ash and Goh stepping in to fill Devi's position so that the services don't stop. Plusle and Minun All Service, led by an anxiety-riddled Multa and uninterested Multa, take up their next order and their execution grabs the attention of the notorious Team Rocket.

Impersonating the handymen, Team Rocket visits one of their clients' homes and nabs all the Pokemon on the property. However, Multa gets to know about the con and rushes to retrieve the stolen Pokemon. In an attempt to get away with their loot, Meowth, one of Team Rocket's members, runs over some unstable planks placed above an uncovered manhole. This causes Meowth and his bag full of Poke Balls to fall into it. Multa learns to not let her anxiety get the better of her and gets to work. Seeing her efforts to rescue Meowth and the trapped Pokemon, Minun chips in as well, retrieving everyone from the manhole safe and unhurt.

The first half of Part 2 is rather light in comparison to the turn of events starting from Episode 18, which sees the series leads encountering old friends and new rivals (humans and Pokemon) and inching towards their respective goals.

All in all, 'Pokemon Master Journeys' Part 2 is best watched in one shot, or should we say you "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"

'Pokemon Master Journeys' Part 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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