‘Pokemon 25: The Album’: Live stream, release date, tracklist and all about album featuring Post Malone, J Balvin and Katy Perry

‘Pokemon 25: The Album’: Live stream, release date, tracklist and all about album featuring Post Malone, J Balvin and Katy Perry
J Balvin, Katy Perry and Post Malone will be featured in 'Pokemon 25: The Album’ (Getty Images)

The much-loved anime series ‘Pokemon’ celebrated its 25th anniversary with a stunning virtual concert with Post Malone on Saturday, February 27, as a part of their P25 Music Program. Katy Perry and J Balvin’s name also appeared at the end of the concert which left the fans amused. Well, to clear all the confusion, these three global musicians will be coming together for a Pokemon album.

Yes, the album has been titled ‘Pokemon 25: The Album’ and it will be released this fall. The official Twitter account of Capitol Records announced the big news with a caption, “‘Pokémon 25: The Album’ featuring @katyperry @jbalvin, @postmalone & more coming Fall 2021!@pokemon#Pokemon25 #PokemonDay”


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'Pokemon 25: The Album' will release this fall (Capitol Records Twitter)


Release date

The release date of ‘Pokemon 25: The Album’ has not been announced yet. MEAWW will keep you posted with the same. However, you can pre-save the album here.  The new record will be released via UMG’s Capitol Records.


The newly-announced album will also see artists from Universal Music Group coming together. J Balvin spoke to the Rolling Stone regarding the Pokemon album and said, “We’re gonna come up with a crazy song. It’s going to catch everybody’s ear. It’s easy to make a Pokemon song if you just want that fan base, but we’re not close-minded. We want everybody to vibe with Pokemon.” 

Post Malone pays tribute to Pokemon (YouTube)



As the official tweet of Capitol Records confirms, apart from Perry, Malone and Balvin, the fans will also get songs from other artists. According to Rolling Stone, the album will be packed with 14 songs with 11 other artists in addition to the already announced.

Post Malone has already dropped the cover of Hootie and the Blowfish’s ‘Only Wanna Be With You’, which is one of the compilation’s 14 songs. Speaking about the same Malone told Rolling Stone in a statement, “I’ve always been a fan of the band and Darius, this song is one of my favorites, and it was super fun to cover. The song was released 25 years ago, which also happens to be when Pokemon got its start.” The rest of the songs are yet to be announced. MEAWW will keep you posted about the same. 

'Pokemon 25: The Album’ will also feature J Balvin (Getty Images)




‘Cant wait to hear J Balvin and other artists make songs for Pokemon’

The news of ‘Pokemon 25: The Album’  featuring Post Malone, J Balvin and Katy Perry soon reached the fans which made them jump with excitement. They rushed to Twitter to express their happiness on the same. One user stated, “WAIT, THEY GOT J BALVIN TO DO A POKEMON SONG?! OH FUG.” Another shared, “The Pokemon Posty concert was fire. It was super cool.Also, I cant wait to hear J Balvin and the other artists make songs for Pokemon.” 

A fan added, “The Post Malone concert was really cool!  I loved the effects, and I’m pretty hyped Katy Perry and J Balvin will be releasing songs for Pokemon as well! #PokemonDay #Pokemon25” Another said, “Hopefully katy is the only female in the album.” 

Katy Perry will be featured in 'Pokemon 25: The Album’ (Getty Images)










Where to live stream

Fans will be able to enjoy 'Pokemon 25: The Album’ on Spotify and YouTube.

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