Plus-size superhero to the rescue: Rebel Wilson and 4 others who can do justice to the role of 'Faith'

Valiant Comics and Sony Pictures are developing a live-action iteration of 'Faith' - who is on her way to becoming what could be Hollywood's first plus-size superhero. 

                            Plus-size superhero to the rescue: Rebel Wilson and 4 others who can do justice to the role of 'Faith'
Rebel Wilson (Source: Getty Images)

Strong, powerful, and badass - women packing punches in the cinematic universes of our beloved superhero comics, have time and again, proved that they are no less than their male counterparts. Whether it is a self-sufficient Wonder Woman, the highly skilled elite sleeper agent Black Widow, or even the Machiavellian antagonist Hella, slowly and steadily, the world of comic book characters has been expanding to accommodate newer and more diverse characters on the big screen. 

In fact, the two noteworthy studios known for their comic book adaptations, DC and Marvel, can be credited for leading the wave of changes, introducing their superheroines in all their glory and in a story arc where they reign supreme - case in point, the first female-fronted superhero movie from Warner Bros where Gal Gadot's Diana Prince leads the charge or the upcoming Brie Larson-starring Captain Marvel. With their character-casting more than appropriate and a background narrative so engaging and meticulous - it's no surprise that the women-led superhero flicks are overperforming at the box-office and at the same time, garnering a loyal fan-base. 

As far as the niche audience comprising the dedicated comics-lovers are concerned, these blockbuster-churning franchises seem to have cracked the formula. No matter what, these fandoms would shower their respective favorites with love - it all boils down to loyalty after all. But what about the unexplored crowd, people who are yet to find an escape from reality in the world of superheroes or those who find it rather difficult to relate to these larger-than-life characters?


With a terribly-thin waistline, merely-there costume, and that well-coiffed hairstyle - even when she is facing off the baddies - big screen's superheroine don't make for the icon that every little girl can relate to. But this shortcoming might soon be fixed, courtesy of Valiant Comics and Sony Pictures' efforts towards adapting a live-action iteration of 'Faith' - who is on her way to becoming what could be Hollywood's first plus-size superhero. 

According to Chief Creative Officer of Valiant, Dinesh Shamdasani, “Faith has always been plus-size from the very beginning, and that was the genius of the creators (Jim Shooter and David Lapham)." Now that a full-length feature is on the way, we couldn't help but compile a list of actresses, who we believe would be able to do full justice to the role of Faith, a body-positive rendition in the superhero world. 

Rebel Wilson 


Rebel Wilson (Source: Getty Images)

Known for her appearances in dramedies like 'Pitch Perfect' and 'Bridesmaids', there is more than one reason why Australian star Rebel Wilson would make for a perfect choice to play Faith. Firstly, she has already dabbled in comic book adaptations, recently acquiring the rights to 'Crowded' - an upcoming Image Comics series -  with the long-term goal being starring in and producing its movie adaptation. And secondly, there was an ongoing buzz from the fans' end to cast the actress for 'Faith'.

"Some people online say there’s a character called Faith, I forget which comic it's from, that they’d like me to play. But I don’t know, [I just would love to play] somebody who kicks ass," Wilson had said, addressing the chatter and in the process, dropping significant hints to a possible stint as the Valiant comics character. 

Chrissy Metz

Metz is known for her role as Kate Pearson on NBC's 'This is Us' (Source: Getty Images)

As one of the members of the Big Three, the loving yet complex Kate Pearson, from NBC's award-winning show 'This is Us', actress Chrissy Metz has already touched quite a few hearts. Her role, poignant as some would say, shed light not only on the struggles of her character's life in relation to her surrounding and close people but also on her inner conflict - as she goes strength to strength, battling issues with her weight and the subsequent judgment. 

It is to say that Metz is not a complete stranger to playing a role, which stands out from the crowd. Coupled with her talents as an outstanding thespian and her strong desire to continue with the streak of change, it doesn't take rocket science to figure that 'Faith' should be next on this TV star's list. Also, is it just me or there's a significant similarity facial features wise between Metz and the Valiant character?

Britney Young

In a candid account penned for Glamour, Britney Young aka Carmen "Machu Picchu" Wade from Netflix's 'GLOW', had once talked about feeling typecast in Hollywood. 

"If there was a plus-size character, they were depicted as lazy, gluttonous, bullies, or aggressive or were only utilized as the comedic relief or the best friend. Usually, these character’s storylines were about the struggles of being overweight, which was the source of their lack of confidence, depression, and undesirability," she wrote adding, "It felt like Hollywood was already determining what roles I could play, and I hadn’t even gotten there yet."

Young returned in her role as Carmen "Machu Picchu" Wade in Netflix's 'GLOW' (Source: Getty Images)

She might have gotten over those initial years of struggle, and with her returning role as one of the "gorgeous ladies of wrestling", she is surely packing a serious punch. To put it in perspective, Young has her wrestling training in place - all that's required is to put her in a superhero costume and she should be kicking asses like none else. 

Melissa McCarthy   

A recent trend that seems to be catching up with comic book franchises is casting comedians in comic book-based movies, mostly in antagonistic or anti-heroic roles - starting with Kristen Wiig's addition to the Wonder Woman sequel as arch-nemesis Cheetah, and most recently the casting of Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy for the big screen adaptation of 'The Kitchen'.

Melissa McCarthy (Source: Getty Images)

The comic series published under DC's Vertigo imprint, 'The Kitchen' revolves around three mob wives taking over their husband's crime business. While McCarthy's role in the comic adaptation is yet not clear, she would most likely be one of the anti-heroines - almost setting the stage for her next gig in the comic book world. 

Between her previous performances (comedic yet gritty) in movies like 'Spy' and 'The Boss', it certainly tickles our curious bone as to see what McCarthy would bring in to the plate is she was indeed cast as 'Faith'. 


Ashley Graham

Graham, the first plus-size model to grace the swimsuit edition of SI (Source: Getty Images)

Alright, this one name might be a bit of a surprise on this list - given that model-turned-social-media-star Ashley Graham has no prominent acting credits. And yet her overall credentials - she was the first plus-size model to have starred in the swimsuit issues of the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazine - and her unfazed stand on inclusivity and body positivity in the industry makes a strong case for the American star. 

With the right guidance and under skillful creatives, it is not too far-fetched to speculate Graham eventually dabbling in acting and even playing a beloved superhero like 'Faith' - stuff that dreams are made of!