A superhero for all sizes: Sony developing first body-positive film based on Valiant Comics' 'Faith'

Unless her character is reinvented by Sony, Faith may as well become the first plus-size superhero and will set right what was wrong with the superhero universe until now.

                            A superhero for all sizes: Sony developing first body-positive film based on Valiant Comics' 'Faith'
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The call for inclusivity and diversity in the comic world has long been there and we are slowly getting to it, with more female superheroes joining the list and also bringing into the fold women of color to play the roles. And now if things go according to plan then we will have women of different body sizes represented in this world as well.

'Faith' is about to set straight everything that was wrong with the superhero universe till now. Once the nitty-gritty of production has been figured out by Sony Pictures, who has joined hands with Valiant Comics for the live-action adaptation of the comics-based character, this superhero might actually see the light of day. 

What makes Faith extra special though, is the fact that she stands in contrast to the unrealistic body image set by the plethora of comic book heroes - in books or in their cinematic iteration. In case of men, they are usually buff and brawny and for the female heroes, a thin waistline has been the state of order for some time now. Unless Sony decides to reinvent the original, com book iteration of the character, Faith might as well become the first plus-size superhero to have ever graced the big screen. 

A bunch of superhero movies is already in the making at the studios, with Sony working simultaneously to bring coveted Marvel characters from their corner like Venom and Morbius to the big screen. However, the franchise seems to set its eyes on bigger and fruitful turnouts in the long-term as it strenuously works towards collaborating with more and more comic book publishers. 

The latest in its block is none other than Valiant. Already a movie based on the popular anti-heroic character from the comics, Bloodshot, is moving forward with Vin Diesel in the lead role alongside stars like Eiza Gonzalez (of Baby Driver fame), Sam Heughan (from Outlander) and Toby Kebbell. And now, the studio and the comics are said to be working towards a feature adaptation of Faith Herbert, a comic-book nerd who has a special place in her heart for science fiction as well - just every ingredient that makes up a billion dollar comic book blockbuster. 


Vin Diesel and Toby Kebbell are set to star in Sony Pictures 'Bloodshot' (Getty)

Further proof that the studios are fast-tracking work on the 'Faith' movie comes from dedicated movie news sites, who reported that Maria Melnik (of American Gods fame) has been brought on board to pen the script of the untitled movie. A relatively fresh face in the industry, Melnik, however, has some noteworthy projects in her kitty already, including  Sony’s 'The Maze', and 'Counterpart' (a Starz! series).  

For the uninitiated, Faith also known as Zephyr is a character created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham and appears as a member of the Harbinger Renegades in the Valiant series. "[She] is a sci-fi and comic book nerd, which leads her to adopt more traditional superhero characteristics than her friends, such as secret identities and super-names. She is a huge fan of Doctor Who," a wiki description of the character read. Flying is part of her superpower and she can take others along as well. The description goes on to say that she has a daytime job as a journalist in Los Angeles where she has created the alter ego "Summer Smith" usually wearing glasses and a red wig. Currently, Faith is in a romantic relationship with Obadiah Archer (the one half of the Archer and Armstrong duo)

At the moment, Sony is yet to finalize on their lead star but fans have popularly projected comedian Rebel Wilson as a choice for the role. "Some people online say there’s a character called Faith, I forget which comic it's from, that they’d like me to play. But I don’t know, [I just would love to play] somebody who kicks ass," the actress had said in an old interview, clearly hinting towards her interest if an opportunity ever opens.