Playboy Dan Bilzerian to 'run' for prez in 2024 against Kanye West whom he prefers over Hillary Clinton

The Instagram personality, who is also a Trump supporter, said he had 'enough time to get his s*** done.'

                            Playboy Dan Bilzerian to 'run' for prez in 2024 against Kanye West whom he prefers over Hillary Clinton
Dan Bilzerian (Source : Getty Images)

Instagram personality, gambler, and playboy Dan Bilzerian may be looking to run for the 2024 Presidential elections, according to TMZ.  He also said that he would vote for Kanye West over Hillary Clinton, adding, "I think he’s going to be running against me. We’ll see", he said adding that he has "enough time to get my s*** done." 

The 38-year-old from Tampa, Florida has 29 million followers on his "21+ only" account on Instagram where he posts photos that are rarely without bikini-clad ladies. A controversy magnate, the celebrity's Instagram has some seriously ridiculous posts and guns are frequent in them. There are also exotic locations, goats, and bears. 

Like West, Bilzerian is also a Trump supporter. In 2015, when Trump said that he would be running for President, Bilzerian shared a photo of himself with the former reality-Moghul-turned President and said, "In an age of p***ified political correctness, you have to respect the people who remain unfiltered." It remains unclear if he was kidding or not about campaigning.

After he won the elections in a shocking victory against Clinton, Bilzerian told Larry King that he thought he was "raw and unfiltered." He said, "I don’t agree with everything the guy does or says [but] one thing I do like is the fact that he’s kind of raw and unfiltered", he said. He added that he liked Trump because "even if I don’t agree with their opinion, [I would rather] they give it to me straight." 

Bilzerian started out in 2000 through a Navy SEAL training program, never graduated after he was cut due to a safety violation on the shooting range. He then got a degree in Business and Criminology from the University of Florida. He was embroiled in a legal battle in 2014 after he threw porn star Janice Griffith, 19, off the roof naked as a part of a Hustlers shoot. 

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