BIZ KID Pixie Curtis who owns toy business at age 10 could RETIRE at 15, says mom

Pixie Curtis is just 10 years old and shares three businesses with her mum Roxy

                            BIZ KID Pixie Curtis who owns toy business at age 10 could RETIRE at 15, says mom
Pixie Curtis at Myer with Pixie Bows (pixiecurtis/instagram)

While you decide how to pay off education and home loans or plan your future after graduation, there is a 10-year-old entrepreneur who is minting the big bucks and can even think of retirement now! Age doesn't equal success, and no one knows that more than Pixie Curtis. The 10-year-old is already planning her retirement by the time she turns 15.

Pixie set up an accessory and toy business in Sydney, Australia with her mother and thanks to her widely successful businesses, Pixie could be set for life even before she completes higher education. In an interview with The Sun, her mother and PR agent Roxy Jacenko mentioned how Pixie doesn't need to worry and she can easily retire at 15 looking at the way she's progressing currently.


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For us, the biggest concerns as kids were not missing our favorite cartoons and collecting candies, but this Australian pre-teen is more focused on her drive and furthering her toy business. In 2011, when Pixie was still in primary school, she started Pixie's Bows with her mum's guidance of course. Looking at the success of her fancy hair accessory business and the craze for fidgets and in May this year, this mum-daughter duo started a new venture called 'Pixie's Fidgets' 

To no one's surprise, these vibrant-colored toys were sold out in just a span of 48 hours! Kudos, Pixie! But this isn't all, her PR agent mo Roxy explained how the company's turnover was over a whopping $200,000 in just four weeks! However, despite these achievements her mum Roxy has a strong feeling her daughter Pixie will not retire at 15. Talking more about differences and similarities in their respective childhoods, Roxy shared with The Sun, " What is the most exciting thing for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age. I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed." Adding to this she said, "When I was 14, I got a job at McDonald’s because that’s what you did back in my day." 


All-in-all, what makes her extremely happy and proud is, "So, I guess to me the biggest thing is her drive as an entrepreneur. Yes, I’ve enabled it, but she’s still got it, which is for me the most rewarding part." 

Pixie, in an interview with NYPost shared how she'd spend her profits. First and foremost she'll take her mum on a shopping spree. She thinks Roxy is in dire need of hair extensions and some new outfits. In addition to this, she plans on treating her mum with a luxurious vacation for the holidays. One of Pixie's friends told her how he's going to Paris with his family for the holidays. Pixie is of the opinion vacations should be at one's favorite places and this time it's Fiji!

Roxy shares Pixie with husband Oliver Curtis, who she married in 2012. The couple are also parents to six-year-old Hunter and live in a $6.6million (£3.6m) mansion in Sydney. Pixie's parents also waste no time in showering their pre-teen with goodies. In August, Pixie received $350.46 (£265) Balenciaga flip-flops and a Prada handbag for her 10th birthday. Roxy also shared Pixie's extravagant Christmas list - including a new phone and an anti-aging cream. In fact, the mom also $186K (£141K) Mercedes-Benz for her two children. 

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