Six-year-old Utah boy left unable to eat or drink after swallowing 14 magnets the size of pinheads

Six-year-old Mikah inadvertently swallowed his brother's toy magnets before Halloween in an attempt to hide that he had been playing in the room

                            Six-year-old Utah boy left unable to eat or drink after swallowing 14 magnets the size of pinheads

A six-year-old boy from Utah was denied the opportunity to have his dream Halloween and dress up as Master Chief from his favorite video game, Halo, after he swallowed 14 magnets the size of pinheads that would end up perforating the lining of his small intestines. 

According to the Daily Mail, six-year-old Mikah Arvidson had secretly swallowed his elder brother's  neodymium magnets -- small spheres that have been marketed as educational fidget toys -- when his brother walked in while he was playing with them.

He did not tell parents Blake and Aubrey about the incident and would complain he wasn't feeling too well 24 hours before Halloween night.

Both parents assumed he had caught a stomach bug, but rushed him to the Primary Children's Hospital after the six-year-old could not stop vomiting, complained about intense abdominal pain, and was unable to keep food or water down for three days. Mikah finally confessed about swallowing his brother's magnets and an X-ray would reveal the culprit.

"When they did the first X-ray, they were like: 'Does he have a zipper on his pants because something is showing up on the screen?'" Aubrey said. "So they redid the X-ray and it was still there, and the whole feeling in the room was of panic."

The six-year-old was rushed to the emergency room for exploratory surgery to get to the root of his bowel obstruction and doctors would uncover the "zipper" was, in fact, 14 magnets that were each the size of a pinhead.

The magnets — which were marketed as educational toys and were bought by Blake and Aubrey for their elder son because he suffered from ADHD — had reportedly clumped together in Mikah's small intestines and perforated it, causing bile to leak into the stomach.

"He told us he swallowed them but thought it was only one or two and didn't think anything of it, so he just forgot," the mother revealed. "I was in disbelief that my six-year-old would swallow something and not tell me. We were in complete horror that they were sitting inside of him for three days."

According to Facebook updates made on both Aubrey's and Blake's page, Mikah underwent a total of three "lifesaving" surgeries to repair the damage that had been done to his intestines. His mother posted that the six-year-old couldn't have either food or water until his intestines "wake up" and start functioning normally. After the surgeries, doctors had to re-open Mikah up and clean out the infections from the wound and drain some fluids. 

Blake posted a positive update on his son's condition this past week, writing, "Yesterday was mikah's best day yet! He was really sore and tired but his spirits were lifted and he was able to get up and walk which is a good sign! We had s slight scare with a blood clot in his liver but this morning they came in and it seems to have dissipated! They're shutting off his stomach pump so if all goes well today he should be able to drink water tomorrow!"

The six-year-old told his mother he wanted to warn other children about his experience. "He's told me: 'Mommy I wish I could go back in time and ask my brother if I could play with his toys and I hope I can tell all the kids in the city not to do this'," Aubrey said. The parents have set up a GoFundMe page to raise donations that will pay toward's Mikah's extensive medical bills and have promised to forward any excess to the Ronald McDonald House.