'Pitch Perfect 4': Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the musical comedy

In a recent interview, Anna Camp who plays Aubrey, mentioned that the cast is ready to reunite for a fourth film

                            'Pitch Perfect 4': Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the musical comedy

The previous installment of 'Pitch Perfect', the third one from the franchise, had Hollywood Reporter calling it a "soulless installment". According to Digital Spy, the film made $184M, which is quite a number, but the website mentioned that it is still $100M down than the second installment of the film. However, that is no deterrent for the film which might be coming out for a fourth outing. Anna Camp, who played Aubrey in the film, in a recent interview with Collider mentioned that the cast is ready to reunite for a fourth film from the franchise. Back in 2018, Rebel Wilson, who played Fat Amy, also hinted that a fourth film might be in the works. Wilson shared a photo with her co-stars Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit at Camp's joint birthday party with her husband Skylar Astin, who also starred in the first movie. In it, they were all holding up four fingers and to add to the intrigue, Wilson captioned it with four hearts. It might be a hint or it might be wishful thinking but we hope it's the former. Here is all you need to know about the fourth installment of the film, if it happens.  

Release date 

As of yet, no official release date has been set for the film. However, you could catch up on the previous installments of the film which first came out in 2012, part 2 came in 2015 and the third one released in 2017. Check out this space for more updates.


The third movie saw the Bellas head out on what was presumably, a farewell tour, reuniting for an overseas USO (United Service Organisations) tour. DJ Khaled featured in the film and it revolved around the competition, the grand prize of which was to do an opening performance for him. But Khaled doesn't want the Bellas, he just wants Beca and after a tangled encounter with some mobsters, Beca gets the chance to open for Khaled. This doesn't affect her friendship with the Bellas who give her their blessings to do the opening performance. Post that, all of them reunite for one final performance.

The third installment, however, gave each character a closure. For example, Beca got a gig with Khaled, Aubrey reconnected with her father, Chloe (played by Brittany Snow) got accepted into veterinary school and Emily (played by Hailee Steinfield) was headed back to Barden University and as for Lilly (played by Hana Mae Lee), she got together with DJ Dragon Nutz. If a fourth installment were to happen, it would have to be crafted in a way to bring the Bellas together and this time hopefully not just for any competition. 


Even if 'Pitch Perfect 4' introduces a new cast playing the new batch of Bellas, it would be a far fetched thought that the old cast would not be returning, especially with most of them ready to be back to film the next flick. Meaning, the likes of Anna Kendrick as Beca, Wilson as Fat Amy, Snow as Chloe, Camp as Aubrey, Steinfeld as Emily (who joined the Bellas in the first sequel), Lee as Lilly (aka Esther as we discovered in the third movie) and Ester Dean as Cynthia will all return for the fourth outing. 

Will the film also see the return of Astin and Ben Platt, who were absent from the third installment of the film? Director Trish Sie explained it will depend on "scheduling stuff" and that future appearance cannot be ruled out. "I think the main purpose was these girls are moving on with their life. Maybe they'll get back to these guys at some point," she outlined.


There is no trailer yet for the film. Please check this space for more updates. 

Where to watch

The chances of the fourth film releasing on VOD cannot be ruled out in the post coronavirus world. In the meantime, catch the first three installments on Amazon Prime Video.

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