P!nk ‘All I Know So Far’: Cher’s ‘goddess’ cameo has emotional fans saying she's 'strong in so many ways’

P!nk ‘All I Know So Far’: Cher’s ‘goddess’ cameo has emotional fans saying she's 'strong in so many ways’
P!nk and Cher (YouTube)

Singer-songwriter P!nk is all set to release her documentary, ‘All I Know So Far’, on May 21 along with her second LIVE album with the same name on the same date. Now, with an intention to create hype for both the projects, the versatile crooner dropped an official music video of her single ‘All I Know So Far’, where she roped in Cher for the same. We also saw the cameos of actress Judith Light, P!nk’s husband Carey Hart and her two kids, Willow and Jameson, in the video.

Fans got elated seeing Cher in the video where she actually turned up as a goddess in the fairytale clip of P!nk’s new single. The music video has been directed by one of P!nk’s earliest collaborators Dave Meyers where we see P!nk sharing her life journey with her daughter. Many social media users got emotional seeing Cher and P!nk sharing the screen space in the video as both are known as strong-headed women who paved their own way in the music industry despite facing several roadblocks.
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‘In many ways, this is my struggle to be who I am’

As soon as the video hit the Internet, Cher took to her official Twitter account to share it and captioned it with an emotional post relating her life struggles to the ones shown in the video. She added that in many ways, it was every woman’s struggle. “I’M SO PROUD TO BE IN PINKS VIDEO, SHE IS A GREAT ARTIST& HAS MADE IT THROUGH THE JUNGLE TO BE “PINK” ON HER OWN. IN MANY WAYS THIS IS MY STRUGGLE TO BE WHO I AM...IN MANY WAYS ITS EVERY WOMAN’S STRUGGLE. THIS SONG MIGHT BE HER BEST & VIDEO IS BEYOND.” P!nk then did not waste any time as she reverted back to her showering Cher with praises. “I think I speak for basically all of us @cher when I say I love you more than life. You are the smartest, strongest, funniest, multi-talented-est, trailblazing, inspiring and fierce human beings to ever be born. Thank you for helping me tell my story.”

One social media user, however, pointed out Cher and asked why she was saying it was her struggle. “I watched it Cher. It's a great video. Pink is a great singer. I don't know why you're saying that this is your struggle. I know that you struggled earlier in your career. But now I really think you came a long way Cher. And the way I see it Cher. You're going really strong.” To this Cher replied, “Babe,if you’re a women, You struggle 2 Be Yourself, Stay yourself.People Don’t KNOW HOW MANY TIMES PPL SAID “SHE’S WASHED UP”. PLAYED VEGAS,& PPL SAID”SHE’S”PLAYING THE ELEPHANTS GRAVE YARD.SAID I WAS ALL  BEADS NO TALENT.I DIDNT CRY. WHE PPL LAUGHED AT ME IN SILKWOOD TRAILER.”  

Cher who is one of the biggest selling artists of all time, has time and again faced a lot of controversies in her six-decade-long career. Whether it was facing backlash from the younger generation or her personal life falling apart, the gay icon has always come out stronger than ever.







‘You’re so strong in so many ways’

A lot of social media users were surprised to see Cher in P!nk’s new music video as they recalled Cher’s roller-coaster journey in Hollywood. Speaking on the same lines, one stated, “I WAS ACTUALLY MOVED BEYOND WORDS... NOT SURE IF IT WAS THE SONG OR THAT THE VIDEO CAPTURED MY IDEA OF CHER.” Another stated, “I often wondered how your journey in Hollywood has been for you in that regard. You’re SO strong in so many ways and I suspect you didn’t take much Pile of poo from anyone who tried to dish it out...you were wise to have stayed on the cusp of it all like Christopher Plummer did. Private.”

The next one spoke about the music video and said, “What a beautiful homage to her career, women, her family and everything she’s been through. I cried.” One praised both the female icons and asserted, “You both are fierce woman and I have been raising my 8 year old niece with music from both of you as examples of strong women.” Another user concluded, “I am beyond honored 2 have my daughters grow up with u  2 as role models, not only in my life, but theirs as well. Single mom of 4 girls, I inspired 2 pave a way 4  them 2 be who they are & live their lives their way. Also kind, loving, & strong.  U ladies helped pave my way!”







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