Who will replace Piers Morgan? Controversial talk show host quits 'Good Morning Britain' over Meghan Markle row

Twitter rejoices Piers Morgan quitting, says 'Good Riddance' and speculates problematic personalities to replace him

                            Who will replace Piers Morgan? Controversial talk show host quits 'Good Morning Britain' over Meghan Markle row
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Following his shocking temper tantrum on the sets of 'Good Morning Britain' on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, host Piers Morgan has reportedly quit the talk show, as confirmed by broadcaster ITV. In a statement released today evening, ITV revealed, "Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add."

Morgan, who has famously hosted the breakfast show since 2015, quit abruptly after he was called out by co-presenter Alex Beresford for his 'diabolical behavior' against Meghan Markle in particular.

Morgan had been a steady and staunch critic of Meghan Markle all along, often facing criticism from Meghan's supporters all over the world. On Tuesday, things went particularly awry after Beresford strongly condemned Morgan, who refuted Meghan's claim of 'suicidal thoughts' on the Oprah interview. In fact, Morgan's comments even led to the network receiving over 41,000 complaints and also an investigation by OfCom. 

Television Personality Piers Morgan (Getty Images)


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‘Good riddance’ 

The Internet appears to be rejoicing at the news of Piers Morgan quitting his iconic show. This comes in the wake of many users being exasperated by his consistent and often baseless criticism of Meghan Markle and Harry. Post the drama on the morning show on March 9, Twitterati hailed Alex Beresford for giving a befitting reply to Morgan.  

"Well done, Alex Beresford for calling Piers Morgan out for his relentless bullying of Meghan Markle. "I understand you had a personal relationship with Meghan Markle, she's entitled to cut you off if she wants to". That triggered him, truth hurts #PiersMorgan #MeghanMarkle, one user tweeted.


"Piers Morgan is leaving Good Morning Britain, ITV News says https://twitter.com/i/events/1369353894757687297… Good riddance to a bloviating, hateful a**hole." wrote a user following the news of his resignation. 



The meme game was also strong, as proved by these users. "Piers Morgan’s co-anchors finding out that sitting next to him and smiling blandly as he goes on abusive tirades makes them complicit in his behavior."





"I will truthfully miss Piers Morgan on GMB ... not because he is an a*** douchebag but because it is car crash cringing entertainment television," one Twitter user sarcastically said.



Who will replace Piers Morgan?

It is yet unclear who will be replacing Piers Morgan for 'Good Morning Britain' on March 10 beside co-host Susanna Reid. Chances are that Morgan might still appear tomorrow and continue hosting the show as long as his contract mandates, states Express. However, given the unprecedented circumstances of Tuesday morning's show, Morgan might also be prevented temporarily from rejoining the cast.

ITV has not made any official comments about Morgan's immediate replacement. But, that did not keep the internet from hilariously speculating who might be co-hosting the show from tomorrow. 

"#GMB producers digging up Hitler to replace Piers Morgan as they think he'll be less controversial #piersmorgan #goodmorningbritain" - controversially tweeted one user.



Among the funny internet speculations, the names of Laurence Fox, Julian Fawcett, Ted Kravitz and even far-right activist Tommy Robinson were shared. Some speculators hoped that he might be replaced by journalist Richard Madeley.  "Richard Madeley getting ready to replace Piers Morgan on GMB"


"Richard Madeley 16/1 to replace Piers Morgan. Tremendous value that," one Twitter user said.



"Will GMB replace Piers Morgan with another problematic white man like Jeremy Clarkson or will they go for another problematic white man like Matthew Wright? Oh wait, it’ll be the Accidental Partridge machine himself - problematic white man Richard Madeley," one tweet said.


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