Piers Morgan in for a shock as his son Spencer Morgan teases Love Island 2018 debut

The reason for Piers' panic was a tweet by his son Spencer that showed a picture of a water bottle with his name which is ideally used by those on the show

                            Piers Morgan in for a shock as his son Spencer Morgan teases Love Island 2018 debut
Piers Morgan (Source : Getty Images)

Looks like Good Morning Britain's host and presenter Piers Morgan is in for a rude shock, courtesy his eldest son, Spencer, as per reports. Last night, Spencer Morgan apparently teased that he would be heading into the Love Island villa in Majorca soon.

The reason for Piers' panic was a tweet which his son Spencer sent out from his personal account, that showed a picture of his own named water bottle which is ideally used by those on the show. Spencer captioned the picture “Sorry @piersmorgan" to which his father replied, “You’re not going IN there... are you?!!!?”

In the past, Piers has made it increasingly clear that he is in no way a fan of the popular ITV2 reality show, and the morning host even came under a lot of fire recently for berating dumped islander Rosie Williams. Williams, according to reports, had taken the decision to quit law for a stint in the Mallorcan villa, which did not go down well with the GMB host.

Piers Morgan smiles as he uses his phone as the PCA Host 'An Evening with Freddie Flintoff and Friends' at The Roundhouse on November 29, 2017 in London (Getty Images)


“Oh come off it Rosie,” Piers said to Williams on the morning show. “You think you’ve done more for empowering women by walking away from a very good law degree and career to go into the love island villa? Trust me, what was empowering was a young woman like you studying law to make a real difference in this country. Going on that villa was not empowering."

He then added, "Rosie, just go back to law, please. Just put it down to a terrible aberration. I’m very disappointed in you without even knowing you."

However, his blatant disregard for Williams and her beliefs made a lot of TV viewers extremely agitated, and some even accused him of humiliating the former Love Island contestant and acting despicably as he “interrogated” her on live TV.

This is not the first time the morning TV host has gotten into a squabble with one or more people who come on his show. In a recent interview, his co-host and fellow presenter Susanna Reid revealed what she really thinks of him and her experience of co-hosting the show with him. As you might have guessed, it wasn't a very pleasant story.

She said that her first reaction to him being signed on for the show was "Arghhh!" She also went on to say that sharing a sofa with him was the same as “sitting next to a hedgehog.” Of course, Piers found out and his response showed that he might have been offended by her comment, for he definitely did not stay silent. On Tuesday’s show, he said, “I’m still reeling from this… 'It’s like sitting next to a hedgehog.'”

If Piers was hoping for an apology, he definitely did not get one. Reid brushed off his sarcastic comment by saying, “Well it is, you’re so prickly.”

Piers snapped back by stating that hedgehogs largely immune to snake venom, implying that Reid was snake-like. Piers’ comment sent Kate Garraway on a laughing fit, who then joked, “You’ll have to stop putting it [venom] in his tea, it’s clearly not working!”

Piers Morgan attends the Chelsea Flower Show 2018 on May 21, 2018 in London, England (Getty Images)


During her interview with Radio Times, Reid also talked about her other professional experiences with Morgan and also mentioned that she often came off air crying. She said: "Sometimes I open my mouth to ask a question and hear Piers's voice come out." "You can't help but go into battle with him every morning," continued Reid.

What upset her most were the attacks she received from men accusing her of "enabling his anti-feminist views." She said: "The man sitting next to me was spouting off whatever he believes, which I don't agree with... but I had men telling me it was my fault he was saying this. And I was just like, I've had enough of men telling me how I should be a feminist. I've had enough of it."