'Prickly hedgehog' Piers Morgan spars with 'venomous' Susanna Reid on 'Good Morning Britain'

Susanna Reid's equated working with Piers Morgan as sitting next to a hedgehog. He snapped back and referred to her as a snake.

                            'Prickly hedgehog' Piers Morgan spars with 'venomous' Susanna Reid on 'Good Morning Britain'
Piers Morgan (Source: Getty Images)

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid aren’t the smoothest sailing boat, but viewers have taken well to their banter on Good Morning Britain.

Morgan, a former tabloid editor, joined the show in 2015 with the aim of making the show “unpredictable, provocative [and] lively.” He told BBC last year, “I just took a view that the way to make us truly competitive was to shake things up a bit.”

Now in an interview with Radio Times, Reid has revealed what she really thinks of Morgan and her experience of co-hosting the show with him.

She said that her first reaction to him being signed on for the show was "Arghhh!" She also went on to say that sharing a sofa with him was the same as “sitting next to a hedgehog.”

Of course, Morgan found out and his response showed that he might have been offended by her comment, for he definitely did not stay silent. On Tuesday’s show, he said, “I’m still reeling from this… 'It’s like sitting next to a hedgehog.'”

If Morgan was hoping for an apology, he definitely did not get one. Reid brushed off his sarcastic comment by saying, “Well it is, you’re so prickly.”

Morgan snapped back by stating that hedgehogs largely immune to snake venom, implying that Reid was snake-like. Morgan’s comment sent Kate Garraway on a laughing fit. Facing Reid, she joked, “You’ll have to stop putting it [venom] in his tea, it’s clearly not working!”

To the sound of Garraway and Reid’s laughter, Morgan remarked, “The snakes spewing their venom at me through the organ of the Radio Times.”

When you put two polar personalities in a room, there is bound to be some conflict and sometimes even some tears. In the interview with Radio Times, Reid also talked about her other professional experiences with Morgan and also mentioned that she often came off air crying.

She said: "Sometimes I open my mouth to ask a question and hear Piers's voice come out." "You can't help but go into battle with him every morning," continued Reid.

What upset her most were the attacks she received from men accusing her of "enabling his anti-feminist views." She said: "The man sitting next to me was spouting off whatever he believes, which I don't agree with... but I had men telling me it was my fault he was saying this. And I was just like, I've had enough of men telling me how I should be a feminist. I've had enough of it."

It was then that she realized that it was up to her to “pick up the pieces” after Morgan stirred controversy.

Reid and Morgan’s relationship has survived the heat so far, but after Reid’s interview with Radio Times, it seems like they might need to do some damage control.