'Picture Perfect Lies': Air time, how to watch, trailer and all about Lifetime movie

'Picture Perfect Lies': Air time, how to watch, trailer and all about Lifetime movie
'Picture Perfect Lies' stars Megan Elizabeth Barker and Jamie Roy (Instagram@lifetimetv)

A sweet sixteen turns out to be anything but that, as a shocking murder occurs at Rachel (Megan Elizabeth Barker) Collins' 16th birthday party in the Lifetime thriller 'Picture Perfect Lies'. It is an incident that sends shock waves through Rachel's life for more reasons than one, as she discovers a dark web of lies that runs deep within her family. 

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Air time and how to watch

'Picture Perfect Lies' premieres on June 27, Sunday, on Lifetime at 8/7c. If you can't catch it on TV, Lifetime is available on Hulu, Sling TV, Philo, Vidgo, AT&T TV and FuboTV. If you are not based in the United States, using a VPN will help you watch Lifetime Movies.



The film centers around Rachel's sixteenth birthday which turns out to be anything but a celebration. A murder takes place at her party which unveils a dark web of lies around Rachel's family, which makes her start to question all that she has ever known.


Megan Elizabeth Barker 

Megan Elizabeth Barker has been part of series such as 'All American' and 'Betrayed'. She has also been part of several films including 'The Circular City' and 'Angel Mountain'. She has also been part of several stage productions and several short films as well. 


Megan Elizabeth Barker stars in 'Picture Perfect Lies' (IMDB)


Laurie Fortier 

Laurie Fortier is known for her roles in TV series such as 'Running the Halls', the soap opera 'Push' about a group of young Olympic hopefuls and 'Hemlock Grove'. Her film work includes the Michelle Pfeiffer-starrer ' To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday'. She has also starred in several Lifetime movies including 'Into the Arms of Danger' alongside Cathy Moriarty, 'In Bed with a Killer', 'Erasing His Dark Past' and 'My Mom's Darkest Secrets'.


Laurie Fortier stars in 'Picture Perfect Lies'  (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix)




The trailer of 'Picture Perfect Lies' shows how 16-year-old Rachel's life is turned upside down at her birthday party, which makes her suspect even those who are closest to her, including her own parents.




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