Pics of long-haired Brian Laundrie go viral, sleuths say THIS is how he looks now

Since Brian Laundrie's disappearance, there have been several alleged sightings around the country but Internet sleuths have a new 'look' in mind

                            Pics of long-haired Brian Laundrie go viral, sleuths say THIS is how he looks now
Social media was flooded with photoshopped images meant to show what Brian Laundrie would look like with long hair (Twitter & Instagram)

Internet sleuths have been busy in their independent pursuits of Brian Laundrie, with many photoshopping his pictures to show how his hair will have grown after a month of evading the authorities.

Gabby Petito's 23-year-old fiance is being sought in a nationwide manhunt as her autopsy on Tuesday, October 12, revealed she was strangled to death. Laundrie, a "person of interest" in the case, has a warrant out for his arrest for misusing Petito's debit card on his way home to Florida without her between August 30 and September 1. Petito, 22, was presumed by the FBI to have died between August 27 and August 30. The Long Island vlogger was last seen in a Wyoming restaurant on August 27, where her fiance is said to have argued with the staff. Laundrie reportedly went missing on September 13, two days after Petito's family reported her missing and a week before her remains were found in a Wyoming national park. According to the autopsy report, her body had been outdoors for at least three to four weeks before being discovered.


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A manhunt for Laundrie was launched in the Carlton Reserve, where he allegedly told his parents he went for a hike and never returned home. Chris and Roberta Laundrie said they drove back the Mustang he used to get there but did not report their son missing for the next two days. Meanwhile, reality TV star Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman initiated his own search effort in the Fort De Soto park after receiving a tip that Laundrie camped with his family in early September. This was confirmed by Laundrie's sister Cassie, who said the family went on a Labor Day weekend camping trip but the subject of Petito wasn't discussed.


Since Laundrie's disappearance last month, there have been several alleged sightings of his around the country. However, none have been confirmed to be him. Online sleuths initially shared pictures of bald men who looked similar to the fugitive, but many pointed out that his appearance might have changed now that he's spent over a month on the run. This sparked an avalanche of photoshopped images meant to show what Laundrie would look like with long hair. Some pictures also show the avid outdoorsman with different hair shades he might use to conceal his identity.

Some pictures also show Brian Laundrie with different hair shades he may use (Twitter)

Speaking to The Sun, a popular forensic sketch artist said that Laundrie will likely appear homeless and would have dropped 15 pounds give or take. Lois Gibson shared a series of sketches with the newspaper to explain the potential changes to Laundrie's appearance that he might have either intentionally or unintentionally altered.

Gibson, who reportedly holds a Guinness World Record for the most ever identifications by a forensic artist, told The Sun that there will be series of specific effects on Laundrie's appearance due to the run in the wild. "I have my opinions," Gibson began. "He's trying to make it a survival thing, which is likely to involve camping. When you're out in the open like that, you're going to get a lot of extra sun to the point of suffering some skin damage. He's likely to have a lot of redness or rosacea across his face, like sometimes how you see on a homeless person."


Gibson, who has been a professional sketch artist for 39 years, also believes that the fugitive would have likely lost a significant amount of weight, somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 pounds. "He will have lost a bunch of weight," she said. "Even if he's got a bunch of money on him — it's hard to eat when you're on the run. It gnaws away at you. Life will be hard for Brian Laundrie right now. Very hard. And that will show in the form of weight loss."